WATCH: Offaly pub's Christmas ad is an emotional lament on modern life

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


JJ Hough's Singing Pub in Banagher has followed its famous flying pint from 2017 with an emotional take on our modern digital lives for their 2018 Christmas advert. 

This year's ad tackles our relationship with our phones, the unending scroll of newsfeeds and the dead expressions that sit behind them - at home, on the bus, and even in the pub. 

Proprietor Ger Hough says, "It's all about an unchanging man in a quickly changing world. He feels left behind by technology and decides to act. But there's some ambiguity at the end."

The man decides to take matters into his own hands to bring the community back together in JJ Hough's on Christmas Eve, and like last year's take on rural isolation, it's an emotional rollercoaster. 

It aims to teach us that some things are more important than a like, a share or Instagram story - the art of conversation and community spirit, things we risk losing while engrossed in our screens! 

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