Five Top Tips for keeping school costs down

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


Back to school costs

Back to school costs

It may seem like the summer has only started, but the start of the new school year will soon be upon us. Below are some tips to help keep the costs of going back to school down.

1. Plan ahead. You may be busy planning some summer fun, but it will definitely help to reduce costs of begin looking around now to take advantage of special offers

2. Make a List. From pencil cases to book to uniforms, write down all of the things that your child will need to start the school year. Keep the list handy so you know what you need and what you already have

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3. Look out for special offers and discount codes for school books.

4. Go second hand. See if your friends, family or neighbours have uniforms or books that they no longer need. Check out Gateway to Education ( or stop in to their shop on Wickham Street

5. Get some support. Check to see if you qualify for the Back to School Allowance on, which provides support to cover school costs to people that meet certain criteria. Closing dates for applications is September 30, 2017