Enormous €150m energy project in Offaly at an advanced stage

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Enormous energy project in Offaly at an advanced stage

Enormous energy project in Offaly at an advanced stage

One of Ireland's leading general building and civil engineering contractors has provided an update on the huge energy project it is overseeing in Offaly.

Duggan Brothers said on Wednesday: "We have reached the significant project milestone of construction stage gate completion on the 110kV Substation in Lumcloon, Co. Offaly.

"The station is now being commissioned by ESB Networks in advance of the planned energisation of the station in December 2020."

Work began in the late summer of 2019 on two big projects in Offaly, both carried out by Duggan Brothers on behalf of Hanwha Energy Corporation. One is the project above in Lumcloon while the other is in Shannonbridge.

Lumcloon Energy Ltd received the planning permission in 2019 for alterations to energy storage facilities on their sites, marking the beginning of a €150m investment which will make them some of the largest facilities of their type in Europe.

120 jobs have been created through the construction phase and 20 jobs will be sustained once construction has been completed. 

The plants, which are a partnership between Lumcloon Energy and South Korean energy company, Hanwha Energy Corporation (HEC), will be used to store energy created through Ireland's growing renewable energy suppliers. That stored power can then be re-distributed onto the grid from the sites in Offaly.