EXPLAINER: What do Met Eireann Yellow, Orange and Red Weather Warnings mean

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Offaly Express Reporter



EXPLAINER: What do the colour codes mean on Met Eireann Weather Warnings

EXPLAINER: What do the colour codes mean on Met Eireann Weather Warnings

Met Eireann issues weather warnings depending on the severity of the conditions the country is set to experience. 

Below the different levels of weather warnings are explained and it also sets out the actions you should take.

Status Yellow: Not unusual weather. Localised danger.

Weather that does not pose a threat to the general population but is potentially dangerous on a localised scale. Be aware about meteorological conditions and check if you are exposed to danger by nature of your activity or your specific location. Do not take any avoidable risks

Status Orange: Infrequent. Dangerous/disruptive.

Infrequent and dangerous weather conditions which may pose a threat to life and property. Prepare yourself in an appropriate way depending on location and activity. All people and property in the affected areas can be significantly impacted. Check your activity/event and delay or cancel as appropriate.

Status Red: Rare. Extremely dangerous/destructive.

Rare and very dangerous weather conditions from intense meteorological phenomena. Take action to protect yourself and your property. Follow instructions and advice given by the authorities under all circumstances and be prepared for exceptional measures.