Baby Niamh's first steps on Irish soil . . . in Canada!

Ger Scully


Ger Scully



Baby Niamh Wallace steps on Offaly soil posted to her family in Canada by grandfather, John

BABY Niamh Wallace was born to Irish parents, Jason and Emily, during the Covid-19 lockdown in Canada on March 25.

Despite being unable to travel to Ireland due to Covid restrictions Niamh got a chance to step on Irish soil thanks to her quick-thinking grandfather, John Wallace.

John posted soil from Coolahiley, Tullamore, where Niamh's father Jason was born and reared, to the family in Guelph, Ontario..

“The travel restrictions in place will mean that it could be a long time before her many Irish relations get to meet Niamh,” John told the Tullamore Tribune.

They are all looking forward to that day, he added.