Exceptional Leaving Cert results at one Offaly school

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Four students achieve over 600 points in one Offaly school

Colaiste Choilm Tullamore

The principal of Colaiste Choilm in Tullamore has congratulated all of his 100 Leaving Cert students for their "exceptional results".

Principal Tadhg O'Sullivan remarked to the Offaly Express: "Myself, the deputy principal and all the staff are delighted with the results this year. The lads performed exceptionally well in all subjects."

"It was great to see the boys coming in this morning so early, getting their results, all very happy and hopefully all getting a place on their chosen courses and professions," he added.

"We had four students score in the region of 600 points, those were the standouts but really it is all the lads doing so well. We had a guidance teacher in here this morning to help them with their options and advice."

Mr O'Sullivan said he was also delighted for all the staff who "go above and beyond and work so much with the lads, both academically and with all their interests and personal development, whether it be sport, chess club, in the library."

"They take great care of the boys and many of them were here this morning to see them. They take great pride in their achievements as well," the principal added.

"The Leaving Cert is just a stepping stone to the next career path, be that college, a profession, a trade or whatever, but the most important thing is that they're happy and healthy in what they're doing and they're doing what they like."

Mr O'Sullivan also wished his students well as they prepare to celebrate their achievements. "We'd be hoping they celebrate in the best possible way tonight," he concluded.