Offaly Express breaks five million website page views for first five months of 2019





Offaly Express breaks five million website page views for first five months of 2019

Offaly Express breaks five million website page views for first five months of 2019

The Offaly Express website,, has broken new ground by exceeding five million page views for 2019 to date, an average of one million per month.

Google Analytics figures show that the website generated five million page views from January 1 to May 31. The highest monthly figure ever recorded was also achieved in May when 1.2 million page views were achieved.

A large portion of this number was attained last weekend thanks to our coverage of the local elections in the county. Offaly Express Digital Editor, Damian Moran, said: "It is remarkable that 12,000 people followed the local elections with us on the Offaly Express website, generating almost 100,000 page views from election coverage alone."

"Those numbers prove that we are engaging with the people of Offaly and beyond on an unprecedented level and for that we are very grateful," Mr Moran added.

This was the third time this year the site achieved a monthly figure above one million, a notable feat given the fact that record was broken for the first time in the Offaly Express website's history back in January. April and May marks the first time the site has achieved the million milestone in consecutive months.

The website generated a total of 7.2 million page views in 2018 but is on course to almost double that number to a total of 12 million in 2019. The site had generated 5.1 million page views in 2017 and just 200,000 in 2016. The figures make the Offaly Express one of the top performing local or regional websites in the entire country.

Speaking about the remarkable transformation, Damian Moran said it was down to a lot of hard work and offering a wide variety of content.

"We have very small but very dedicated and hardworking editorial and advertising teams. We are always keeping our eyes peeled for interesting, relevant and engaging stories to bring to our eager readers."

"We hope that we are keeping people informed with the latest news, engaged with our human interest stories and hopefully entertained with our quirkier offerings."

"We would like to sincerely thank everyone who continues to come back to for their local news. It is our overarching mission is to provide the best possible coverage of the diversity of Offaly life that we can."

He added that the Offaly Express was a platform for groups, businesses and individuals in Offaly to get their stories out there to the public at large. 

"These amazing figures show that we are reaching more people in Offaly than any other media outlet in the county and if you have a story that you think people in Offaly would be interested in hearing, you can get in touch with us at any time via e-mail or through our Facebook page."

The print edition of the Offaly Express was suddenly and surprisingly closed in 2012, however, the website was kept going at the time and has seen a remarkable renaissance in the last two years. 

"Visitors to the website have increased dramatically in the last two years and there is no doubt that the decision to hire Justin Kelly was a turning point," continued Mr Moran.

"Since Justin joined the team in 2017, we have seen an exponential rise in traffic on the website, followers on social media and the content on the website has evolved to the point where we have such a diverse offering today."

If you have a story for the Offaly Express, you can email it to or send us a message directly through Facebook.

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