Man in heartfelt appeal to trace sick wife's family in Offaly

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Man in heartfelt appeal to trace sick wife's family in Offaly

Ken and Patricia on their wedding day in 1966 with Patricia's mother and father next to her

A man in the UK has contacted the Offaly Express in an attempt to trace his wife's family in the county.

Ken Rudman told us that his wife Patricia is now seriously ill, explaining that he would "like to contact any of the family in Birr to tell them if that is possible."

UPDATE: Man 'overwhelmed' by response as he traces sick wife's family in Offaly

"My wife's mother, Sarah Yeats, was born in Birr. When my wife was a child she spent time there with her mother during the school holidays. She was born in 1943 so this would have been in the 1940s and 50s," Ken explained.
Sarah Yeats moved to England to live before World War II and her married name was Dixon, Patricia Rudman's maiden name.
"Poor Pat often spoke of those times in Offaly and mentioned the names of her relatives there. Over the years though she has lost contact with them."
"She spoke of an uncle Sonny (or Sunny) Yeats who had a small taxi business in Birr. She also had cousins Seamus Yeats and Roisin Yeats," Ken recalled.

PICTURED: Patricia's mother, Sarah Yeats, in the late 1950s or early 1960s

Ken is appealing to the people of Birr and further afield who might make a connection and provide him and his ill wife with a link to Offaly once again. 

The couple married in 1966 and now live in Bromley, Kent. 

If you have any information or think you know the individuals mentioned above, you can contact us at the Offaly Express on