Oscar winner receives film distribution deal from Offaly film festival

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Oscar winner receives film distribution deal from Offaly film festival

Oscar winner receives film distribution deal from Offaly film festival

Oscar winner Benjamin Cleary has received a distribution deal for short film 'Wave' from hisOFFline Film Festival award in partnership with access>CINEMA network. 

This year OFFline Film Festival celebrates it’s 9th year and will be held over the 10th - 14th October 2018 in Birr, County Offaly.

The OFFline Film Festival screens a selection of International and Irish short films chosen by a panel of judges, with prizes including a distribution deal for Best Irish Short Film. For the past four years OFFline Film Festival and access>CINEMA have worked in partnership to promote the work of Irish filmmakers and offering this fantastic distribution prize.

Oscar-winning Director Benjamin Cleary from Dublin teamed up with fellow Director TJ O’Grady Peyton, who also takes up the lead role, for the short film Wave which was screened and selected by a jury as the winner of Best Irish Short last year at the OFFline Film Festival in 2017, scooping up the prize of an Irish distribution deal with access>CINEMA.

Wave tells the story of a man waking from a coma speaking a fully formed but unrecognisable language baffling linguistic experts from around the globe.

Benjamin Cleary also scooped an Audience Award at OFFline Film Festival in 2015 for his short film ‘Stutterer’ which then went on to win Best Short Film at the Oscars in 2016!

From September 10, short film Wave will be available to watch before the main feature film at 80 access>CINEMA member clubs across Ireland, thereby exposing this new Irish filmmaker to new cultural cinema audiences with this expansive reach.

OFFline Film Festival 2018 is now just around the corner, with fantastic prizes for filmmakers such as the distribution deal, along with screenings, workshops and even a 57-hour filmmaking challenge hosted in and around Birr, County Offaly over 10th - 14th October.

Check out www.offlinefilmfestival.com for more details and keep an eye on OFFline Film Festival on Facebook and Twitter pages for exciting updates and details of the programme soon to be announced. For anyone that loves watching or making films - OFFline is the place to be this October.