International Whiskey award goes to Tullamore DEW

Second biggest Irish whiskey brand has won the Worldwide Whiskey Trophy

Jack Treanor


Jack Treanor


International Whiskey award goes to Tullamore dew

Ireland's second biggest Whiskey brand has won the Worldwide Whiskey Trophy. The International Wine & Spirits Competition was won by Tullamore DEW's 18-year-old single malt.

This is the first time an Irish whiskey has won this competition in nine years.

This year is the 49th year for the IWSC, which was originally created by Anton Massel who was a wine chemist who in 1969. He had the idea to make a competition that would put wines and spirits under chemical analysis. It now receives entries from 80 countries worldwide.

This 18 year old malt has been described as having an incredible sweetness, like raspberry macaroons and whipped cream. Baked with a hint of spice, it is both fruity and delicate.

Tullamore DEW is the world's second largest Irish whiskey brand with global sales of more than one million cases annually. Tullamore DEW Irish whiskey is triple distilled and a blend of all three types of Irish whiskey.

Tullamore DEW's single malt range has already received an array of awards including the Gold Medal at the 2016 Global Irish Whiskey Masters and International Spirits Challenge Awards 2016.

"Working on the Tullamore DEW 18 Year Old Single Malt was a two-year mission to craft an extraordinary whiskey that embodies the complex character, subtle sweetness and triple distilled smoothness that define the best of Irish Single Malt," said Brian Kinsman, Tullamore DEW, Master Blender

Tullamore DEW 18-year-old single malt is a 41.3% ABV triple distilled, single malt whiskey. It is available now in a limited volume release.