Handsome Offaly hound vying for title of 'Nose of Tralee'

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Jack Treanor


Jack Treanor



Gorgeous Offaly dog vying for title of 'Nose of Tralee'

The Rose of Tralee's animal counterpart the Nose of Tralee is an annual competition with pets from all 32 counties taking part and an Offaly dog is looking for your vote.

Now in its fifth year, animals come from all over the country to try and win a range of prizes including a photo shoot with their pet. There are all sorts of animals in the competition this year such as dogs, cats and even a budgie.

The Offaly dog in the competition is Chancer who is chancing his luck at taking home first place this year. Chancer, from Lumcloon, can be seen relaxing after a walk in this picture.

Chancer is owned by Francesa Fitzpatrick. He was found straying in a field by a family friend who he then decided to follow home. He was brought to the vet who convinced them it was worth taking a chance on him. He was only about eight weeks old at the time so just old enough to be away from his mother. He was named Chance as they were giving him a chance to survive. 

He came to Francesca at seven months old doing really well. She decided to change his name slightly to Chancer as he does try his luck.... a lot. 

Two months ago she fostered another rescue dog from Dogs Trust who also had a troubled start to life which led him to be terrified of people. Chancer has been a great help to help to him and now Wyatt is happy to run up to people he knows for a petting. Francesca credits all this to Chancer. 

She says he is 'the most lovable dog' she has ever met and he loves everyone he meets only wanting petting all day long. Francesca says that he is a good example of why you shouldn't judge a dog by its breed as he's just a big gentle giant and would never hurt anyone. He's apparently even friends with the postman.

Francesca added, "He's a big goofball and he makes me laugh everyday. Despite his size he loves to sit in peoples laps which as I'm sure you can imagine is hilarious to see. I live on my own and he's a great guard dog. I feel a lot safer with him in the house."

Voting is now open to the public to decide who of the 32 finalists should be the winner of this years Nose of Tralee. The winner will be announced live on the pet sitters Ireland Facebook page on August 21. Make sure to vote for Chancer by clicking here.

The winner will get to have their dog painted by the Irish Artist Gill O'Shea, as well as getting six month Buster Box Subscription and a month supply of Naturo Pet Food. Second Place will get three month Buster Box Subscription and a Hamper of Naturo Pet Food. And finally there will also be three runners up who will receive 50 euro Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Voucher and a Hamper Of Pet Goodies from Pet Sitters Ireland.

You can see the 32 Finalists by clicking here.