Minister makes statement regarding Offaly family facing deportation

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Minister makes statement regarding Offaly family facing deportation

Minister makes statement regarding Offaly family facing deportation

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has this evening made a statement in reference to the campaign to stop an Offaly family being deported to Nigeria.

The statement comes just hours after the Moujeke family joined friends and supporters at the Dáil to deliver a petition signed by 22,000 people requesting the Minister step in to save the family.

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Here is Minister Flanagan's statement in full:

"In the first instance I would repeat my concern that there has been a great deal of misinformation about this case in the public domain. 

I want to state clearly that the Nonso Muojeke is not at any immediate risk of deportation. The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service has given that undertaking to the court.

This case is still before the courts. As I have consistently said, as Minister for Justice and Equality, I do not interfere with cases before the courts. However, when the court proceedings conclude, I will use my powers as Minister to consider this case fully, including from a humanitarian point of view.

Ceann Comhairle,

While as Minister, I do from time to time exercise ministerial discretion, I want to say that having a functioning and transparent system is a critical component of immigration systems the world over. I would remind the Deputies that there were in 2017 alone 2,926 individual applications for international protection made. Applicants for international protection from UN recognised refugee-producing countries are prioritised. Each applicant is required to comply with the laws of the country during which their application is being processed.

Ireland has reformed its immigration system to address lengthy time periods associated with applications. With the commencement of the International Protection Act 2015 on 31 December 2016, we now have a single procedure. This is the biggest reform of our protection process in two decades. This is in line with our intention to provide first instance decisions in the shortest possible timeframe.

I regret again that I cannot comment on an individual case that is before the Courts undergoing due process. However I can assure the Deputies, and indeed the House that that once Court proceedings have concluded I can give the facts and circumstances of the case in question full consideration."


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