Offaly politician says county shook off 'out-of-touch' tag by voting 'Yes' in Referendum 2018

'The expected urban-rural divide did not happen'

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly politician says county shook off 'out-of-touch' tag by voting 'Yes' in Referendum 2018

Offaly politician says county shook off 'out-of-touch' tag by voting 'Yes' in Referendum 2018

Offaly Green Party member, Pippa Hackett, has welcomed the "resounding and historic Yes vote in the referendum," describing it as "symbolic of what modern Ireland is all about."

"The expected urban-rural divide did not happen. Rural dwellers are not the conservative, out-of-touch people we were claimed to be," Pippa stated.

"We are modern and broadminded, and believe that all women’s rights are important, and that women and girls in dire situations should be afforded proper compassion and care. Ireland is changing for the better, and it is great that Offaly is part of that change," she added.

She lauded the "tenacious work" of the Together For Yes campaign, saying they managed to draw support "from across the political divide." "It is heart-warming to see that we can all pull together when an important decision has to be made," she continued.

Pippa got involved in the campaign with the Farmers for Yes group, which she says "pulled in farmers from all backgrounds, male and female, from all over the country."

"Despite plenty of naysayers insisting that farmers were “pro-life," I was confident that they were also pro-choice, and these results indicate that this was indeed the case."

According to the Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI exit poll, Green Party supporters were amongst the most in favour of repeal, with almost 90% of them voting Yes. "The unity within my particular party was especially strong, unlike that from some of the other larger parties," Pippa commented.

"As a mother of four children, it is reassuring to know that my children can now grow up in a country free from uncertainty, fear, and shame, and that their health and welfare will be fully protected into the future."

"It is of great comfort to know that they will live in a more liberal country, with a more tolerant and caring society, that recognises the rights of equality and dignity for all its citizens," she concluded.


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