Councillor blasts HSE over closure of Birr and Edenderry Midoc services

Noel Cribbin expressed his disappointment

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Councillor blasts HSE over closure of Birr and Edenderry Midoc services

Councillor blasts HSE over closure of Birr and Edenderry Midoc services

Edenderry based Offaly County Councillor Noel Cribbin has blasted the HSE over the closure of Midoc services in Edenderry and Birr.

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In criticising the decision, Cllr Cribbin did say that "the Midoc services in the Edenderry area were first class and well used," adding, "to hear of it been centralised to Tullamore for the entire county is very disappointing and again shows to me what the HSE think of the people of Offaly."

"Let’s call a spade a spade," he said, "the service that Tullamore will continue to have a Midoc out of hours service but the rest of the county will not."

"In the case of a person from Edenderry wishing to use the service in Tullamore is a round trip of 80 km. If a person is sick or a newborn child has a temperature, you're expected to go that journey or do the rest of the people in Offaly only get sick during the local doctors time from 9.30 to 5pm?" he pondered.

"The population in Edenderry is over 7,000 and add in the rural areas of Rhode, Croghan and Clonbullouge and that brings it up to 12,000/14,000 people with no access to a doctor for up to 14 hours a day," he continued.

"That to me is a sad state of affairs and is totally unacceptable. It is unacceptable to the many people who have ongoing medical health problems, expecting them to have to travel 80 klm to attend a doctor whilst some might not have transport or be well enough to drive themselves over to Tullamore."

Cribbin said that this is proof of "a two- tier service," suggesting, "it’s great if you live in Tullamore but it might as well not be there if you're from the rest of the county."

He said his advice is to bypass the Midoc and go straight to A&E. "I will be raising this lastest depletion of services by the HSE at both our Municipal meeting this Wednesday and next Monday at our full monthly council meeting and I will look for the support of all councillors in getting this decision reversed," Cribbin concluded. 


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