Offaly firmly in the path of Hurricane Ophelia

Latest tracking from National Hurricane Centre suggests Offaly will be hit by Tropical-Storm-Force winds

Damian Moran


Damian Moran


Hurricane Ophelia

Offaly set to be hit but Tropical Storm Force Winds

The latest prediction on the path of Hurricane Ophelia suggests that Offaly has a '100% chance' of being hit with Tropical-Storm-Force winds on Monday.

The data from the National Hurricane Centre in America is predicting that the storm will be felt hardest on the west coast although Offaly will also be close to the predicted path of the eye of the storm.

Met Eireann has put in place a Status Red Weather warning for Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork and Kerry that is in place from 9am on Monday until 3am on Tuesday. 

The rest of the country is under a Status Orange Wind Warning.

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Met Eireann is advising that Hurricane Ophelia is expected to transition to a post tropical storm as it approaches Ireland on Monday bringing severe winds and stormy conditions.

Average wind speeds will be in excess of 80 km/h and gusts in excess of 130km/h are expected however some inland areas may not be quite as severe. The winds have potential to cause structural damage and disruption.