Offaly rent prices far higher than experts think


Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


The real cost of renting in Offaly is considerably higher than the latest report claimed in May of this year.

An analysis of houses and apartments available for rent in Offaly on as of today, September 4, reveal that the average rent in the county stands at €886.

This is higher than the May Daft report which suggested the figure stood at €728 per month.

Our research shows that there are just 27 houses of apartments available to rent in Offaly. The cheapest was a house in Rhode with a monthly rent of €350 and the most expensive a four-bedroom house in Tullamore on the rental market for €1,500 a month.

It's clear that the low supply of rental houses available in the county is putting up prices for potential tenants. reported in May that rents in Offaly were an average of 12.7% higher in the first three months of 2017 when compared to a year previously, just below the national average.

However, our up-to-date study of prices reveal a much more expensive outlook for renters here. Rents are on the rise across the country with an annual increase of around 13.5% nationwide.

Our research revealed that of the 27 properties available to rent on today, September 4, one was located in Edenderry, two in Birr, while there were 12 in Tullamore. 

Meanwhile, on Airbnb, the online hosting and holiday rental site, a quick search reveals over one hundred Offaly properties available for that service. 

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