REVEALED: Luckiest town in Offaly to buy a lottery ticket

Do you buy your ticket in the luckiest shop?

Damian Moran


Damian Moran


Offaly's Luckiest Lotto town

Offaly's Luckiest Lotto towns

The luckiest town in Offaly to buy a Lottery ticket has been revealed based on figures obtained from the National Lottery by the Offaly Express.

Since 1989, there have been 47 winners of €50,000 or more in Offaly with the total won by the 47 winners coming to €35.9 million.

In terms of overall winnings, Birr is the luckiest town in Offaly with the area's shops boasting nine winners that took home a cool €8,817,237.40 between them.

Edenderry is second on the list and while there were just five winners of prizes in excess of €50,000, those winners totalled €7,209,107.82.

Tullamore has had the highest volume of winners with 15 but the total for the town is behind Birr and Edenderry at €5,661,701

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Fourth on the list is Crinkle which has had just one winner over €50,000 but that win was worth €4,904,904 in 2014 on a ticket sold by Tom Geraghty in Crinkle.

Fifth on the list is Daingean. Once again there was just one winner but that was an impressive jackpot of €3,760,901 sold in Spar on the Main Street

The sixth luckiest town is Clobullogue where one jackpot ticket earned €2,007,770. That ticket was sold in the Post Office.
The only other town to break the €1 million is Kilcormac which has had four winners totalling €1,335,000.

Elsewhere Clara had two winners totalling €661,960 while Ferbane has had four which combined come to €574,535.

The rest of the towns on the list have had just one winner each. The ticket in Rhode won €300,000, in Cloghan won €287,135, in Shinrone won €200,000, in Banagher won €200,000 and in Moneygal won €60,005.

The biggest win was in October 1997 when €5,199,309.52 was won on a ticket sold in Nee's, Main Street, Birr. Two years later, a ticket sold in JKL News in Edenderry won a jackpot of €5,181,766.82.

The luckiest shop in terms of number of winners is Dolan's on the Clara Road in Tullamore which accounts for five of the 47 winners.

Players from Offaly have made a significant contribution to good causes in the past 30 years. For every €1 played on National Lottery games, approximately 30 cent is returned to good causes.