Huge support behind Edenderry's push for arts centre

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


First AGM called for Edenderry Theatre & Arts Centre

There was a great turnout at the first AGM of Edenderry's Culture and Community Centre at Byrne's Lounge in Edenderry last Monday, June 12.

"There was a great cross section of people from all the various strands of the music, arts, literary, drama and performing arts from the area," according to Offaly County Councillors and newly elected chairman of the committee, Noel Cribbin.

On the night, Cribbin outlined the hopes and dreams of the group and insisted that in the last few months, a lot of work was going on and that members had called to theatres around the country to get the feel for size, costing, usage and so on.

"We met with the CEO of Offaly County Council, the County Librarian, Arts Officer and officials in the Department of Arts to outline our issues," Cribbin explained.

"The total lack of facilities to all the many groups involved in the Arts has been well thrashed out by the group, and all and sundry now fully recognise the situation and it's the intention of all the members that we must do something very positive to change that. We must work closely with Offaly County Council and officials in the Department of the Arts in drawing down funding and grants that will allow us to build a Library, Arts Centre and Theatre in Edenderry and build a home and facilities for all involved in the Arts that we can all be proud of," he told the meeting.

The following officers were elected by the members of Eden C. C. C.

President: Dr Philip Brady
Chairman: Noel Cribbin
Secretary: Anna Morris
Treasure: Anna O Neill

All present were elected onto the committee.

Since the meeting, Noel Cribbin has applied to the OLDC for funding to complete a Feasibility Study, an assessment that must take place before plans for funding and grant applications can be brought forward.

"It's onwards and upwards for all the members of Eden C.C. C. and we will move heaven and earth in our efforts to bring proper facilities for all involved in the Arts," Cribbin concluded. 

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