Where is the best restaurant in Offaly?

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Where is the best restaurant in Offaly?

Continuing our 'Best of Offaly' series, we are now beginning the search for the finest restaurant in Offaly.

Offaly is home to many great eateries but we want you to tell us which one is the best. New or old, from traditional to Italian or Chinese, we want your suggestions.

Whether you judge them based on their staff, the food, the atmosphere, we want to hear from you. Restaurants and gastro pubs will be counted, but fast food outlets and chippers will not be permitted into the poll.

Head back to Facebook and leave your suggestions in the comments section, or email us your suggestions to justin.kelly@offalyexpress.ie

Based on your suggestions, we will open a vote on Tuesday evening, June 20, where you will get the chance to vote for your favourite. A final showdown will follow, where we will name the winner early next week.

The winning restaurant will be presented with an Offaly Express certificate, stating that they indeed are the people's choice, Best Restaurant in Offaly. 

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