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To Walk With the Beasts and the Babies. Living in the Present

Lauren Pidgeon


Lauren Pidgeon

To Walk With the Beasts and the Babies. Living in the Present

Lauren is a drama teacher, holding an Honours degree in Performing Arts, a classically trained singer, a lover of vintage fashion, chocolate, reading, arts, crafts, writing and chats. Her blog shares her thoughts, opinions, experiences as well as dreams and wishes with you all.

We all acquire a certain degree of happiness and comfort and love to function in life. To rise in the morning, to cook breakfast, to work and to play. It is in itself sometimes the holy grail of achievement just to brush our hair.

Life is a roller coaster. Have you ever noticed when you're at your peak frequency of happiness and you're feeling joyous and confident and happy that it is only a matter of time before something negative and stench laden rains on your parade, whether temporary or long lasting.

You've been accepted onto a fabulous course, something you've wanted to do for a long time, you've moved into a cosy apartment with lovely people, you're feeling on top of the world and boom, your dog dies, or your lovely new apartment becomes infested with mould, or termites or mice or ALL THREE.

You have won an award for a book you've published. On the way home from the award ceremony, you meet the mechanic at the BMW garage who hands you your glittering set of keys for your brand new BMW. You've worked hard for this and you feel great, life could not get any better UNTIL, you get an out of blue call from your long term boyfriend and soul mate and wait, he has hooked up with a butch and rebellious version of a power puff girl and is leaving you...and the shit storm returns once again. From daisy chains to cesspits, the cyclical whirlwind of sunshine, lemonade, roses, snot, bile and urine commences. We are waiting always, suspicious of happiness. Waiting for the road to take a sudden turn, straight over a cliff.

I suppose this is where the saying, ''It seems too good to be true'' came to fruition. Although perhaps it is our own deprecating fear of sublime, uninterrupted happiness and peace that causes our set backs. Have we created this ''too good to be true'' scenario to protect ourselves and in doing so subconsciously set ourselves up for a fall. You get what you give to the world and all that. So if that is true and we continue to suspect a sense of impending doom after every slice of contentment, the universe may be reacting with, hmm, ok, you predicted doom, do you want it? You must want it. I'll give you five bags of it, for free.

We can thank one thing especially for the stress and the downfalls we experience/ imagine in life. We are swarmed with a mass media who on one hand tell us to eat delicious burgers bursting with MSG and grease for €2, YES just €2- and on the other hand tell us to make our selves smaller, to lift weights and swallow little pills to make us thinner. Media tells us to emulate particular styles of clothing but to also be an individual. Frozen images flash before our eyes every day whether on TV, billboards, magazines or the individual pages we flick through of the lazer hair therapy leaflet which has been stuffed into our letter box. An abundance of money, fame, gold, diamonds, silky hair, flashy cars, exclusive wedding pictures in Hello magazine and glamorous shots of ladies who magically (or not so) go from post-partum stomachs to flat and airbrushed in the space of a few weeks.

The pressure is high up on a unique level of the immensity scale. We are pushed. We are shoved. We are taunted and abused by what is ''right'' and what is ''beautiful'' and what is ''fashionable'' and what is ''life''. We struggle to pay our bills and fail to remember to take our vitamins as Kim Kardashian props a champagne glass on her rotund, voluptuous bottom. We go jogging, peel potatoes and vacuum the carpet as Donald Trump spends $100 million on a Boeing 737 before decorating it's interior with gold. We're not beautiful enough, or smart enough, or successful enough, we're not good enough parents, or friends, we haven't got enough money and we're living menial lives which are not good ENOUGH...according only to the mass media who soak us up in poisonous fluids of guilt and shame every single day.

And this is where I've had enough and where eventually the beasts and the babies come into play. Living in the present moment is something that we are advised to do from so many world famous and profound spiritual leaders. We see it in quote after quote and book after book but it is something that is so difficult to achieve when bombarded with the undue pressures that surround us to KEEP UP.

Here on earth we are given some of the best teachers to help us live in the present moment. People love babies and people love dogs and cats and rabbits and all kinds of animals for a reason. A baby doesn't live in the past, a baby doesn't feel regrets or guilt or fear for the future. Neither do animals. They all live right here in the moment. A baby is happy to see his/ her parent every single time as if it is their first time. A puppy will lick your face a thousand times to show it's love and appreciation of you  and jump up and down with excitement each day you return home from work. Imagine feeling what your feeling soley in the present time. To forgive and let go. To look forward but not to fear the future. Not to dwell, never to beat yourself up but to just be a human....being.

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