Tullamore Credit Union Ltd urges 'Support Local Business'

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Tribune Reporter




Representatives of local businesses, including Anthony Kearns, Guy Clothing, Kieran Conroy, the Square Café, Bookstation & Anthony’s Shop, The Bridge Shopping Centre as well as Anne Starling, Anthony

Never before has #localloyaltullamore been more important!

Every time that you, a resident of Tullamore and the local area, think about spending some money, think about the impact that your action can have! Every penny spent locally will benefit another local person – keeping a business open, keeping a wage in a home, keeping Tullamore alive.

Tullamore Credit Union Ltd is used to promoting and supporting local businesses – our new Loyalty Scheme now has over 25 local businesses associated with it – you, as a member of our credit union and holder of a current account, can avail of special discounts and promotions, simply by using our distinctive current account debit card to pay for the purchase. See our website www.tullamorecu.ie for a list of participating businesses.

In conjunction with the Tullamore Chamber of Commerce, we continue to support the QUID Voucher scheme and encourage our business-owner members to avail of the Revenue’s Small Benefit Exemption Scheme.

We are launching our new hashtag #localloyaltullamore today – and what better way to launch than a competition to win some QUID vouchers ! Simply post a photo of yourself, having purchased some goods at a local business, use the hashtag #localloyaltullamore in the comments and tag us on Facebook and Instagram.