17 Aug 2022

Tullamore Harriers Club Notes (May 9)

Leinster Road Race Championships

The club’s very successful over 50 team claimed another haul of medals at the Leinster Road Race Championships in Gowran Co. Kilkenny over the May bank holiday, the team of Chris Donegan, John Donegan and Brendan Abbott took second place in both the club and county contests over 6k. Pauric Ennis was the star of the day however, taking a well-earned bronze medal in the Novice Men’s 6k race in a time of 20.09. There were individual medals also for John Todd, who retained his 065 title and Jim Langan who was first o70. The men’s 035 team of Leonard Mooney, Darren Butler, Michael O’Brien and Basil Cronin finished 6th club and 5th county in their 6k event. Well done to all who represented the club.

Harriers results

Novice Men: Pauric Ennis (3 rd ) 20.09

Masters Men: Chris Donegan (25th ) 21.25; Leonard Mooney (29th ) 21.35; Darren Butler (34th) 21.52; John Donegan (36th) 21.56; Michael O’Brien (38th) 21.58; Brendan Abbott (41st) 22.13; Basil Cronin (63rd) 24.43; John Todd (71st ) 25.58; Jim Langan (83rd) 31.25.

Tullamore Harriers 5k

The sun shone gloriously on Sunday for the Harriers 5k and over 300 runners took advantage of the fine weather to take part. Charleville Road was closed for the duration of the event making it a safe event for all who took part. Liam Brady was the comfortable winner in 16.08 with Paul Mitchell second in 16.26 and Catch Grennan (Ferbane) third in 16.36. Dave Murray was fourth overall (3rd senior) in 16.41 and Brendan Donagher of Naomh Mhuire Daingean was next winning the 040 category in 16.46. Chris Donegan was first 050 in 17.45 and Johnny Feery was first 060 18.56. Pauline Curley won the women’s race in 17.54 followed by Michelle Kenny (Leevale) in 17.59 and Nadine Donegan was third in 18.41. Caroline Donnellan (Edenderry) was first o40 in 19.47, Ann Hanrahan (Birr) was first o50 in 22.52 and Eileen Kenny of Mullingar Harriers was first o60 in 24.32. Well done also to Danielle Donegan who was first junior girl and Matthew Molloy who was first junior boy in 17.44.

Full results

1st Liam Brady (Tullamore Harriers) 16.08; 2nd Paul Mitchell (Tullamore Harriers) 16.26; 3rd Catch Grennan (Ferbane A.C). 16.36; 4th David Murray (Tullamore Harriers) 16.41; 5th Brendan Donagher (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 16.46; 6 th Mark Hackett (St. Michael's AC) 16.50; 7th Michael Murphy (Ferbane A.C.) 16.56; 8th Owen Connolly (St. Michael's AC) 17.02; 9th Tom Lupton (Portlaoise AC) 17.11; 10th Niall Kelly (Ferbane A.C). 17.13; 11th Leonard Mooney (Tullamore Harriers) 17.21; 12th Darren Butler (Tullamore Harriers) 17.29; 13th Jimmy Coughlan (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 17.35; 14th Jason Donegan (Tullamore Harriers) 17.43; 15 th Matthew Molloy (Tullamore Harriers) 17.44; 16th Richie Faulkner (Tullamore Harriers) 17.45; 17th Chris Donegan (Tullamore Harriers) 17.45; 18th Conor Butler (Tullamore Harriers) 17.50; 19th Micheal O'Brien (Tullamore Harriers) 17.51; 20th Philip King (Tullamore Harriers) 17.51; 21 st Glenn Finlay (Tullamore Harriers) 17.54; 22 nd Pauline Curley (Tullamore Harriers) 17.54; 23rd Darragh Rigney (Tullamore Harriers) 17.54; 24 th Michelle Kelly (Leevale AC) 17.59; 25 th John Donegan (Tullamore Harriers) 18.10; 26th David Staunton (Clara AC ) 18.12; 27 th Ger Cleary (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 18.23; 28 th Cian Martin (Tullamore Harriers) 18.27; 29th Brendan Abbott (Tullamore Harriers) 18.29; 30 th Darren Birmingham (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 18.32; 31 st Peter Martin (Individual) 18.32; 32 nd Seamus Hoyne (Ballyskenach AC) 18.38;33 rd Nadine Donegan Tullamore Harriers 18.41; 34 th Ollie Kearney (Donadea RC) 18.42; 35th Kevin Corrigan (Tullamore Harriers) 18.45; 36 th Francis Connolly (Ferbane A.C). 18.46; 37th Johnny Feery (Tullamore Harriers) 18.56; 38th Ciaran Brady (Individual) 19.00; 39th Matthew O'Byrne (Tullamore Harriers) 19.01; 40 th Andy Masterson (Birr AC) 19.03; 41 st Eoin Ryan (Individual) 19.04; 42nd Daryl Connolly (Castle Jordan Naomh Ciaran) 19.05; 43rd Adrian Delaney (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 19.05; 44 th Rory Farrell (Tullamore Harriers) 19.13; 45th Geoff Griffith (Individual) 19.16; 46 th Danielle Donegan (Tullamore Harriers) 19.16; 47 th Liam Coughlan (Banagher AC) 19.22; 48 th John Corcoran (St. Michael's AC) 19.23; 49 th Charlie Hackett (St. Michael's AC) 19.26; 50 th Ethan Dunican (Tullamore Harriers) 19.26; 51 st Sinead Rigney (Tullamore Harriers) 19.27; 52 nd Jack Donegan (Tullamore Harriers) 19.28; 53 rd Sean Gawghan (Tullamore Harriers) 19.32; 54 th Kevin Brazil (Ferbane A.C). 19.37; 55th James Dunne (Clonliff Harriers) 19.39; 56 th David Gorry (Tullamore Harriers) 19.44; 57th Caroline Donnellan (Edenderry AC) 19.47; 58 th Val Murray (Eden Tri Club) 19.47; 59th Alan Heffernan (Tullamore Harriers) 19.48; 60 th Monica Corcoran (St. Michael's AC) 19.48; 61 st Brian Betson (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 19.53; 62 nd Brian O'Connell (St. Michael's AC) 19.56; 63rd Basil Cronin (Tullamore Harriers) 19.57; 64 th Dermot Brereton (Individual) 20.06; 65 th Liam Byrne (Tullamore Harriers) 20.10; 66th Fionnan Minnock (Tullamore Harriers) 20.13; 67 th Bobby O'Donoghue (Tullamore Harriers) 20.14; 68 th Keith Sharkey (Ferbane A.C.) 20.15; 69 th David Doyle (Tullamore Harriers) 20.15; 70 th Ray Martin (Tullamore Harriers) 20.17; 71 st Peter Ormond (Ballyskenach AC) 20.18; 72 nd Pat Mellsop (Birr AC) 20.27; 73 rd Dave Dunican (Tullamore Harriers) 20.28; 74 th Paul Bracken (Tullamore Harriers) 20.30; 75th Willie Duffy (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 20.35; 76th Tommy Spollen (Ballydownan) 20.38; 77th Aidan Egan (Individual) 20.40; 78 th John Leahy (Ferbane A.C). 20.42; 79th Nicky Dunne (Birr AC) 20.53; 80 th Ruaidhri Bracken (Castle Jordan Naomh Ciaran) 21.00; 81st Robert Monahan (Castle Jordan Naomh Ciaran) 21.07; 82 nd Eugene O'Dea (Individual) 21.09; 83rd Poppy Hacket (St. Michael's AC) 21.17; 84 th Andrew Bracken (Castle Jordan Naomh Ciaran) 21.18; 85th Tim Camon (Ferbane A.C.) 21.23; 86 th Enda Quigley (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 21.25; 87th Pauline Colgan (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 21.27; 88 th Aaron Longworth (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 21.28; 89 th Cathal Donoghue (Edenderry AC) 21.29; 90th Brendan Carroll (Tullamore Harriers) 21.29; 91 Densil Jacobs (Marathon Club Ireland) 21.31; 92 nd Mark Serviss (Tullamore Harriers) 21.32; 93 rd Stephen Feighery (Individual) 21.34; 94 th Philip Guilfoyle (Birr AC) 21.35; 95th Rita Daly (Tullamore Harriers) 21.39; 96 th Liam Ryan (Ballyskenach AC) 21.40; 97 th Carmel Murray (Birr AC) 21.41; 98 th Emma Connolly (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 21.45; 99 th Rob Maunsell (Tullamore Harriers) 21.49; 100 th Tommy O'Donovan (Edenderry AC) 21.53; 101 st Enda O'Brien (Individual) 21.55; 102 nd Frank O'Dea (Individual) 21.58; 103rd Ronan Higgins (Tullamore Harriers) 21.58; 104th James Donoghue (Edenderry AC) 21.59; 105th Sarah Stephens (Tullamore Harriers) 22.01; 106 th Evan Lynam (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 22.02; 107 th Conor Gath Ferbane A.C. 22.02; 108th Anthony Kenny (Individual) 22.05; 109 th Orla Hannon (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 22.09; 110 th Scott Griffith (Individual) 22.10; 111 th Damien Longworth (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 22.15; 112 th Ruth Galvin (Individual) 22.15; 113 th Paul Shaw (Individual) 22.17; 114th Hillary O'Shea (Tullamore Harriers) 22.17; 115 th Ian McDermott (Individual) 22.22; 116 th Cara Martin (Tullamore Harriers) 22.23; 117 th Damien Kehoe (Edenderry AC) 22.24; 118 th Eugene Ryan (Ballyskenach AC) 22.25; 119 th Mag Grennan (Tullamore Harriers) 22.27; 120 th Ursula O'Reilly (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 22.28; 121 st Charlotte Abbott (Tullamore Harriers) 22.34; 122 nd Matt Corcoran (Tullamore Harriers) 22.38; 123rd Barry Kelly (Individual) 22.39; 124 th Paul Flaherty (Clara AC) 22.39; 125 th Ciaran McKeon (Clara AC) 22.47; 126 th Matthew Flanagan (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 22.47; 127 th Ann Hanrahan (Birr AC) 22.52; 128 th Andy O'Grady (Tullamore Harriers) 22.53; 129 th Janelle Flanagan Gowran (Clara AC) 22.54; 130 th Anne McCormack (Ballyskenach AC) 22.54; 131 st Mary Galvin (Tullamore Harriers) 22.55; 132 nd John Macken (Moate Athlone Group) 22.55; 133rd Damien Finnerty (Birr AC) 22.58; 134th Gerry Dunican (Tullamore Harriers) 22.59; 135rd Paddy Rowland (Tullamore Harriers) 22.59; 136th Ger Brereton (Ballyskenach AC) 23.00; 137 th Billy Claffey (Individual) 23.00; 138 th Sharon Jones (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 23.12; 139th Ger Woods (Banagher AC) 23.13; 140 th Ron Handy (Individual) 23.19; 141 st Ricky White (Tullamore Harriers) 23.22; 142 nd Shane McLaughlin (Individual) 23.23; 143rd Elaine Cuskelly (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 23.24; 144 th Michael Guinan (Ferbane A.C). 23.26; 145 th John Ward (Tullamore Harriers) 23.33; 146 th Mary Hussey (Individual) 23.37; 147 th Marie Sweeney (Birr AC) 23.49; 148 th Joe White (Individual) 23.49; 149 th Phil Bourke (Ballyskenach AC) 23.54; 150 th Stephen Hensey (Individual) 24.01; 151 st Ann Marie McNamara (Tullamore Harriers) 24.02; 152 nd Lavinia Goodings (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 24.04; 153rd Martin Carroll (Ballyskenach AC) 24.08; 154 th John Guilfoyle (Birr AC) 24.11; 155th Marie Donegan (Tullamore Harriers) 24.16; 156 th Tony McCormack (Tullamore Harriers) 24.19; 157 th Tracy Burns (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 24.19; 158 th Lionel Rabbitte (Clara AC) 24.23; 159 th John Bennett (Ferbane A.C). 24.23; 160 th Nick McGowan (Tullamore Harriers) 24.23; 161 st Ray Murray (Tullamore Harriers 24.30); 162 nd Eileen Kenny (Mullingar Harriers) 24.32; 163 rd Shirley Reynolds (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 24.33; 164th Brenda King (Birr AC) 24.35; 165 th Noel Guilfoyle (Individual) 24.36; 166 th Gary Guilfoyle (Individual) 24.36; 167 th Conor Brereton (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 24.44; 168 th Michelle Davis (Ballyskenach AC) 24.47; 169 th Tracey Cuddy (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 24.48; 170 th Imelda Coughlan (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 24.52; 171st Colm Jones (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 24.56; 172 nd Paschal Naughton (Tullamore Harriers) 24.57; 173rd Bernard O'Grady (Birr AC) 25.00; 174 th Anne Daly (Tullamore Harriers) 25.01; 175 th Naomi Galvin (Tullamore Harriers) 25.02; 176 Patricia Friend Pereira (Individual) 25.03; 177 th Freda McNamee (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 25.03; 178 th Jim Dolan (Tullamore Harriers) 25.04; 179 th Tara Dockery (Ballyskenach AC) 25.05; 180 th Patricia Doolan (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 25.07; 181 st Triona O Lone (Ballyskenach AC) 25.09; 182 nd Luke Ryan (Ballyskenach AC) 25.11; 183 rd Ollie Douglas (Ballyskenach AC) 25.12; 184 th Tina Flanagan Devine (Clara AC) 25.19; 185 th Arlene Finnerty (Tullamore Harriers) 25.19; 186 th Charles Malone (Individual) 25.20; 187 th Martina Feenane (Birr AC) 25.20; 188 th Michael McConigley (Individual) 25.21; 189 th Fiona O'Connor (Naomh Mhuire Daingean)25.24; 190 th Margaret Daly (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 25.24;191st Philip Ryan (Ballyskenach AC) 25.29; 192 nd Tracey Stewart (Ferbane A.C.) 25.29; 193rd Sadie Kerrigan (Edenderry AC) 25.30; 194 th Regina Cuskelly (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 25.36; 195 th Bob Flynn (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 25.36; 196 th Caitlinn Rigney (Individual) 25.46; 197 th Vanessa Connolly (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 25.47; 198 th Aideen Rigney (Individual) 25.49; 199 th Patricia Treacy (Individual) 25.53; 200 th Amy Oakley (Birr AC) 25.54; 201 st Deirdre Donoghue (Edenderry AC) 25.55; 202 nd Shane Murphy (Banagher AC) 25.59; 203 rd Charlie Conroy (Rhode AC) 26.01; 204 th Billy Hughes (Individual) 26.03; 205 th Eileen Treacy (Individual) 26.03; 206 th Emer Guilfoyle (Individual) 26.16; 207 th Emma Hampton (Individual) 26.26; 208th Ashling Farrell (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 26.30; 209 th Elaine Baggot (Clara AC) 26.32; 210 th Jim Langan (Tullamore Harriers) 26.36; 211 th Mark Lowry (Clara AC) 26.39; 212nd Jo Phelan (Clara AC) 26.39; 213rd Aileen Ruttledge (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 26.42; 214 th Dermot Beacon (Individual) 26.43; 215 th Macrina Corri (Castle Jordan Naomh Ciaran) 26.43; 216 th Josie Lalor (Tullamore Harriers) 26.45; Majella McGrath 26.45;217 th Caroline Lyng (Tullamore Harriers) 27.01; 218 th Patricia Nunan (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 27.02; 219 th Lisa Flynn Ryan (Castle Jordan Naomh Ciaran) 27.03; 220nd Eabha Owens (Tullamore Harriers) 27.04; 221nd Leonard Owens (Tullamore Harriers) 27.04; 222 nd Sandra Wright (Ballyskenach AC) 27.04; 223rd Kevin Jackson (Individual) 27.06; 224 th Miriam Brady (Tullamore Harriers) 27.09; 225 th Mary Daly (Castle Jordan Naomh Ciaran) 27.14; 226 th Sinead Fox (Tullamore Harriers) 27.17; 227th Enda Coughlan (Banagher AC) 27.18; 228 th Niall Fogarty (Individual) 27.19; 229 th Tara McKinney (Tullamore Harriers) 27.23; 230 th Janice Kehoe (Edenderry AC) 27.26; 231 st Liz Flanagan (Individual) 27.26; 232 nd Jean Neary (Individual) 27.29; 233rd Olivia Weldon (Clara AC) 27.30; 234 th Leona Farrell (Edenderry AC) 27.33; 235 th Ciaran O Hurmoltaigh (Castle Jordan Naomh Ciaran) 27.34; 236 th David Allen (Edenderry AC) 27.51; 237 th Carol Hughes (Rosenalis Kilcavan) 27.58; 238 th Lavinia Kenny (Banagher AC) 28.02; 239 th Yvonne Kelly (Clara AC) 28.05; 240 th Aileen Quinn (Edenderry AC) 28.07; 241 st Danielle Corcoran (Banagher AC) 28.08; 242 nd Ruth Keane (Banagher AC) 28.13; 243 rd Dave Kavanagh (Tullamore Harriers) 28.14; 244 th Simon Crowe (Individual) 28.23; 245 th Mary Feeley (Ballyskenach AC) 28.29; 246 th Caoimhe Gath (Ferbane A.C). 28.31; 247 th Joanne Kelly (Clara AC) 28.31; 248 th Johanna Gleeson (Birr AC) 28.35; 249 th Julianne Ryan (Moate Athlone Group) 28.42; 250 Edel Gill (Individual) 28.42; 251 Ann Scally (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 28.44; 252 Sinead Parsons (Birr AC) 28.45; 253 rd Amanda Mahony (Banagher AC) 28.47; 254 th Lisa Kealey (Individual) 29.04; 255 th Angela Martin (Tullamore Harriers) 29.04; 256 th Kate Conroy (Rhode AC) 29.08; 257 th Emma Quinn (Clara AC) 29.08; 258 th Veronica Gorry (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 29.12; 259 th Siobhan Cusack (Individual) 29.22; 260 th Martina Leamy (Individual) 29.23; 261 st Corinne O'Meara (Clara AC) 29.28; 262 nd Ashling Cornally (Clara AC) 29.31; 263 rd Brendan Minnock (Clara AC) 29.33; 264 th Norma Bannon (Individual) 29.42; 265 th Una Horgan (Clara AC) 29.42; 266 th Luciano Strolla (Clara AC) 29.50; 267 th Breda Tobella (Clara AC) 29.50; 268 th Elaine Mulvihill (Individual) 29.51; 269 th Georgina Bracken (Clara AC) 29.52; 270 th Kathleen Delaney (Birr AC) 30.07; 271 st Lia Evans (Edenderry AC) 30.07; 272 nd Jessica Whelahan (Birr AC) 30.27; 273 rd Sharon Duffy (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 30.37; 274 th Sarah Fisher (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 30.38; 275 th Geraldine Kiernan (Rhode AC) 30.43; 276 th Grace Kearney (Edenderry AC) 30.46; 277 th Mary T Glennon (Tullamore Harriers) 30.52; 278 th Elma Ravenhill (Tullamore Harriers) 31.08; 279 th Irene Clarke (Individual) 31.15; 280 th Lauren Ormond (Ballyskenach AC) 31.22; 281 st Carmel Ormond (Ballyskenach AC) 32.16; 282 nd Trish Stoddart (Individual) 34.07; 283 rd Rosie Matthews (Banagher AC) 33.22; 284 th Michelle Byrne (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 33.40; 285 th Roisin Parker (Ballyskenach AC) 33.58; 286 th Therese Ryan (Ballyskenach AC) 34.00; 287 th Sheila Crowe (Individual) 34.56; 288 th Carmel Doheny (Individual) 34.57; 289 th Maureen Conroy (Rhode AC) 35.33; 290 th Danny Parker (Ballyskenach AC) 35.50; 291 st Caitriona Nolan (Individual) 35.51; 292 nd Melissa Hogan (Tullamore Harriers) 35.51; 293 rd Trish Mellsop (Birr AC) 36.12; 294 th Orla McGrath (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 36.37; 295 th Mary Whelan (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 36.39; 296 th Jurgita Parker (Ballyskenach AC) 36.52; 297 th Aaron Rigney (Individual) 38.33; 298 th Emer Rigney (Individual 38.34); 299 th Shannon Parker (Ballyskenach AC) 40.14; 300 th Claire Bracken (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 40.15; 301 st Shirley Kelly (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 40.19; 302 nd Dolores Conlon (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 40.20; 303rd Edel Daly (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 40.35; 304 th Teresa Carey (Naomh Mhuire Daingean) 40.35; 305 th Christine Jelly Birr AC 40.39.

Irish Miler 5000m

Well done to Liam Brady who posted a PB in today's Irish Milers Meet in Greystones AC. Liam ran 14.15 for the 5000m event. It was won by John Travers of Donore Harriers in 13.52


John Todd ran the BHAA 5 Mile race promoted by RTE last Sunday on the grounds of their Montrose site and was 1st 065 in a time of 33.45, finishing 74th overall.


Over the last fortnight the Irish Schools Athletics Association has started its annual series of races with district competitions throughout the country. Tullamore Harriers athletes compete in a number of regions with the bulk in South Leinster but with others in South Connacht, East Munster and North Leinster. Not all our athletes have competed yet but so far the results have been very promising. Below are the the list of medal winners from the middle distance group and alongside these are a number of other club members who raced well having trained diligently all winter. Included in this group are Cian Murphy, James Dunne, Connor Dunne, Cian Law, David Owens, Cara Martin, Hannah Larkin, Dearbhail Cuddy and Sarah Condron.


1st- Chloe Harte 400m Hurdles

2nd- Chloe Harte 800m

2nd- Christopher Whittle 2000m Steeplechase Intermediate

1st- Claire Rafter 1500m

1st- Claire Rafter 3000m

2nd- Danielle Donegan 3000m

1st- Aaron Mangan 800m

1st- Aaron Mangan 1500m

2nd- Mark Milner 800m

Under 16

2nd- Laura Mooney Mile


3rd- Lydia Buckley * 800m


1st- Ava O'Connor 800m

*Rhode AC athlete training with the group

Other News

It's been great to see Nadine Donegan in action too in the last fortnight. Nadine has made steady improvements all year and her 3000m PB in the Dublin Graded meet in Santry of 10.26 and her run in Tullamore Harriers 5k of 18.38 mark Nadine out as one to watch in the years to come. Ava O'Connor has also been busy winning races in Kilmacow, St.Abban's and leading her Laois team to All Ireland medals at the Community Games in Abbotstown. Ava wasn't the only one competing in Abbotstown. Dearbhail Cuddy (Ballyfin AC athlete who trains with the group) also won team bronze having finished sixth in the 7k race while all the athletes below have it their best too. Emily Cunningham, Jane Maher, Aisling Cotter, Ella McNally, Maebh Rouse, David Sheerin, Sinead Walsh, Imelda Lambe, Peter Charles and Luke Duffy

Bertie Quinn Track and Field 2017

This year marks the fourth edition the Bertie Quinn Track and Field, organised by Tullamore Harriers. Each of the first three years saw around 200 athletes competing in the meet and there have been some fine performances by Ireland's best youth and junior athletes, with multiple standards ran for European and World championships in these age grades. The competition has also acted as a platform for young athletes from Offaly and surrounding counties to try to improve their personal bests at the midlands venue. Each year the performance of the meet is marked by presenting the athlete concerned with the Bertie Quinn Memorial Shield. Padraig Moran (Mullingar Harriers), Mark Milner (Tullamore Harriers) and Kevin McGrath (Bohermeen AC) are the three talented young runners who have won the award to date. This year we are changing the format for the event significantly. Firstly we are adding events for athletes under the age of sixteen for the first time in an Open Sports type format with races and field events for athletes from Under 9 to Under 16. Secondly we are hoping to build on the success of the existing program of events by having races sponsored. Details of the sponsorship are below.

Bertie Quinn Track and Field Prizes for Races


200m- €100 Tullamore Harriers (1st €50, 2nd €30 and 3rd €20)

400m- €300 Printplus (1st €150, 2nd €100 and 3rd €50)

800m- €300 Bridge Centre (1st €150, 2nd €100 and 3rd €50)

1500m- €300 Irish Milers Club (1st €150, 2nd €100 and 3rd €50)

3000m- €150 Lagan Cement (1st €75, 2nd €50 and 3rd €25)

Javelin- €100 Killeshal Precast Concrete (1st €50, 2nd €30 and 3rd €20)

Triple Jump- €150 Supermacs (1st €75, 2nd €50 and 3rd €25)

Hammer- €100 Tullamore Harriers (1st €50, 2nd €30 and 3rd €20)


200m- €150 Screenmax International Ltd. (1st €75, 2nd €50 and 3rd €25)

400m- €300 R & R Engineering (1st €150, 2nd €100 and 3rd €50)

800m- €500 Athletics Ireland (1st €250, 2nd €150 and 3rd €100)

1500m- €300 Irish Milers Club (1st €150, 2nd €100 and 3rd €50)

3000m- €100 Ready2Run (1st €50, 2nd €30 and 3rd €20)

Javelin- €100 Beatty Family (1st €50, 2nd €30 and 3rd €20)

Triple Jump- €100 Tullamore Harriers (1st €50, 2nd €30 and 3rd €20)

Hammer- €100 Tullamore Harriers (1st €50, 2nd €30 and 3rd €20)

TULLAMORE HARRIERS are also offering €1000 for anyone who breaks a National Senior outdoor record and €500 for anyone who breaks a National Junior outdoor record

Event Details

Saturday 27th May @ 10.00am, Tullamore Harriers Stadium

Open Sports Events


Boys and Girls

Under 9- 60m, 300m and Long Jump

Under 10- 60m, 500m and Turbo Javelin

Under 11- 60m, 600m and Long Jump

Under 12- 60m, 600m and High Jump

Under 13- 80m, 600m and Long Jump

Under 14- 80m, 800m and High Jump

Under 16- 80m, 800m and Long Jump

Bertie Quinn

Bertie Quinn was a juvenile coach with the club from 1990 to 1995 having returned to his native Tullamore after spells working in England and then in Shannon. He coached many young athletes to county, provincial and national success, with a few managing to represent Ireland.

Harriers Fixtures

On Saturday 27th May, the club will host the annual Bertie Quinn Track and Field competition. This open event will feature 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and 3000m races as well as Triple Jump, Javelin and Hammer contests at Senior level with Juvenille contests ranging from 300m to 800m along with High Jump and Long Jump.  Entry for the Quinlan Cup Half Marathon is open via the Athletics Ireland website at €35. This year’s race will be on Saturday, August 26 at 11am. A relay option is also available.

Access to Harriers Facilities

Please note that use of the club’s facilities, including the tarmac track, is restricted to members of the club. Walkers are not permitted on the track during training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30pm-8pm.



Mon 15 - Four Counties Track & Field, Harriers

Fri 19 -  Rhode 5k

Thurs 25 - Offaly Track & Field Championships, Harriers

Sat 27 - Bertie Quinn Memorial Track & Field, Harriers

Sun 28 - Tullamore Family Resource Centre 5k Fun Run 11am

A list of AAI-licensed fixtures is available on


Training for adults every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm and Sunday at 8.00am except on race days.  New members always welcome. Please contact Adrian Martin 086-8727311 or Mary Daly 086-1906747 or any club member.

If you have a story for us, sports news, an event happening in your area, or if you want to submit pictures or videos, contact the Offaly Express team via e-mail to, or through our Facebook.

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