PICTURES: Offaly firemen clear paths for nursing home and elderly residents

Working around the clock for their community

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Edenderry Fire Services have shown there is no end to their dedication to their community this Saturday afternoon as they came to the rescue of local eldery residents. 

Having dealt with call-outs since Wednesday morning, with some volunteers working for 18 hours straight, Edenderry members took to the nearby Sr Senan Avenue to clear paths for local residents, most of whom are elderly. 

They then went to the Ofalia House nursing home and cleared paths and access routes there in between fire call-outs. 

They had earlier put out a chimney fire on Gilroy Avenue in the town, the second house fire on the same road in as many days.

Efforts are now underway across the county to clear roads and footpaths to get Offaly back up and running after Storm Emma.