Fundraising continues for Offaly's 'Faithful Fields'

Damian Moran


Damian Moran

The need for a quality Offaly Training Centre has been articulated loud and long in this county and further afield. We need it to give current county players a level playing pitch in terms of competition preparation. We need it to give our young players the best possible chance of being the best they can be. We need it to attract a young people, whose expectations are higher than ever before, to our games. We need it as a hub for the future development of those games – hurling, football, camogie, ladies football.

This development is no luxury – it is an essential element in restoring the status of this county as one of the leading lights of the GAA.

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For over thirty years Offaly – sometimes alone – stood up for the smaller counties, taking on the kings of hurling and football and beating them at their own game. But since the turn of the millennium the resources required – finances, facilities, player resources, investment in player pathways and team preparation – have grown out of all proportion. A county with Offaly’s population and resources will now naturally struggle against the big boys or those who invest all resources in one game.

The only hope we have is to get everyone on board and have this county singing harmoniously off the same hymn sheet. Our players deserve not to be second class citizens. Our young people deserve the opportunity to develop their potential just as much as young people in other counties. We have a chance to do it. Our players have defined this county.

Their exploits put this county on the map – gave us a pride in ourselves that only success can bring and elevated our motto to eternal status – The Faithful Never Die!!! Let’s ensure our future generations get the opportunity to script their page, to put their signature on the illustrious story that is Offaly GAA.