WATCH: Is this road at Ballyheashill the worst road in Offaly?

We're shining a light on the state of Offaly's roads

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly

The Offaly Express is embarking on a driving tour of the county to find Offaly's worst road. We asked our readers to point us in the direction of the worst surfaces in the county, and you have responded with numerous suggestions. 

One of the roads suggested was this stretch at Ballyheashill between Clonmore and Rhode in the north of the county. Scroll to the top of the page to watch the video of us test driving this road. 

You can see videos from other areas in our dedicated motoring section.

Despite an announcement recently of almost €8 million in road funding for Offaly, local commentators, politicians and motorists have been quick to point out that it simply isn't enough.

Local councillors and our TDs have raised the issue of Offaly's roads in recent months, especially after a period of bad weather had a detrimental effect on their integrity. 

The matter has arisen due to the fact that much of Offaly's road network is built on bog land, meaning a road in Offaly might last 15 years less than one in another county owing to their tendency to disintegrate. 

Therefore, more funding is required to maintain such roads - more than most other counties - and yet public policy does not reflect that. 

There are roads collapsing in Offaly, in both the north and south of the county. Drivers experience punctured tyres, damaged springs, shocks and body work as they traverse the county. 

We'll be visiting more roads over the next few days to reveal to our readers, near and far, just how much work Offaly's roads need. 

We're going to put a list of the worst roads to a public vote to find the worst road to further raise awareness on the issue.

If you think we should visit your area, get in touch using the details below.

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