WATCH: Offaly kids' prank on tipsy uncle is absolutely gas

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


An Offaly family's Christmas prank on their uncle has become an internet sensation.

The clip posted by Rhode woman Jenny Whelan has already been viewed more than 200,000 times.

The clip shows the unsuspecting Declan 'Bones' Whelan having a nap in his father's chair at home in Rhode.

Jenny Whelan says: "My brother came in from the pub and my two kids Megan and Charlie were using the controls."

Megan and Charlie were using the controls to tilt the chair until poor aul Bones hit the floor.

He had been set up by his niece and nephew, as well as his two sisters, Jenny and Caroline, who laughed in the background and encouraged the kids to run at the end of the clip.

Jenny's other daughter Brooke was behind the camera as the whole family got involved. 

Speaking about the reaction to the clip, Jenny told the Offaly Express: "I put it up for people locally to see the prank because he [Bones] is well known and likes his pints. I never expected it to go so wild.

"My notification bar has been going mad the last couple of days," she said. 

You can watch the clip in all its glory at the top of this article.