WATCH: CCTV released by Kildare pub captures customer putting glass into mouth and pretending to choke

Soaring insurance costs

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Shocking footage showing a customer taking glass from her top and putting it in her mouth and pretending to choke on it has emerged from a Newbridge pub.

The CCTV released by Judge Roy Beans reveals the extent of personal injury threat to small businesses in Ireland.

The film shows the customer telling staff that the glass was in her food.

Owner Vivian Carroll said this year he struggled to insure his business.

"There was a false accusation made against my business, and not the first time either, and it's about time this was made public.

"If that camera wasn't working or the footage was out of range that could have ended up a minimum of a €60,000 claim in the High Court. It's closing businesses."

Mr Carroll thinks small business need more protection.

"CCTV is there at a huge cost, but what needs to happen is that we need to start a fraud unit, and we also need a judicial council bill to be introduced to lower the benchmark for damages that are being paid out.