VIDEO: Irish toddler somehow manages to get stuck in toy vending machine

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


Three-year-old Jamie Bracken-Murphy from Tipperary got himself in a tight spot on a family day out over the weekend as he crawled inside a toy gaming machine in his home town of Nenagh.

Jamie had tried unsuccessfully (haven't we all, Jamie!) to win a cuddly toy and with a never say never attitude decided that he'd forget the claw and take matters into his own hands - literally. He crawled into the machine amd grabbed two toys, presumably one for his brother who can be seen in the video trying to rescue the situation and instruct him out. 

His father, Damien, said he took his eyes off his son for just a few moments, only to look up to see him in with all the toys.

"I told him to be calm and wait while I got one of the staff to find the keys to the machine," said Damien.

And while there was no Fireman Sam in the machine, luckily for Jamie there was a real life off-duty fireman at the centre where the incident happened and he managed to free the youngster.

Damien thanked the staff at the centre, who he said were great. "They were concerned and very helpful," he said.

And the best news of all was that Jamie got to keep all the toys that came out of the machine when he was rescued. 


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