VIDEO: Richie Kavanagh releases 'The Ballad of Mattress Mick'

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


If ever a duo were meant to come together and make musical magic, it was Mattress Mick and Richie Kavanagh. Well, dreams do come true and 'The Ballad of Mattress Mick' has landed. 

Released today on YouTube, the song spells out the importance of a good mattress. As the lyrics go, "Two things in life that you can't do without, I heard it from my mother, a good pair of shoes and nice new bed, if you're not in one you're in the other."

The gospel according to Richie Kavanagh (and his mother!) plugs Mattress Mick and his business, and the enigmatic businessman makes a comical appearance in the video. Richie Kavanagh lying up in a bed as Mick parades around in a purple jacket and yellow waistcoat. Pure Gold!

Scroll back up and take a listen. It's actually quite catchy. 

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