Operation Transformation 'mystery challenge' taking place in Offaly

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Operation Transformation will be in Tullamore again this Friday, January 10, to host their mystery challenge.

Producers said: "Join us this Friday all day in the Bridge Centre, Tullamore, for the Operation Transformation 2020 Mystery Challenge. We'll be asking you to take part in some basic physical challenges, nothing too strenuous, and Professor Niall Moyna will be giving some feedback with very interesting results that may shock and surprise you.

"So come along in comfortable clothes and you might get to see yourself in an upcoming episode of this year's show."

The hit RTE lifestyle show is based in Offaly this year with all weigh-ins and numerous events associated with the series taking place across the county.

The show returned to our screens on Wednesday evening with some spectacular footage of the county and people taking part in an ad break challenge in Birr.