WATCH: Exclusive premiere of Offaly singer's new song

A mash-up with a classic twist

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Soprano Yvonne O'Toole has premiered the video for her new song 'Angel Maria' exclusively here with the Offaly Express.

The song, an immaculately crafted intertwining of Sarah McLachlan's massive pop hit, Angel, also commonly referred to as In The Arms of an Angel' and the hymn 'Ave Maria, demonstrates the Birr singer's immense vocal talent. You can listen to the song at the top of this article.

Little wonder that Yvonne has also been nominated in the Best Wedding Singer category of this year's Brides' Choice Awards, and for the second successive year at that.  

Yvonne explained why she chose these two songs in particular to transform into the one beautiful and flowing piece that became, Angel Maria.  

"Well I adore both songs, I suppose that's the first reason. Everybody knows Angel, I think, and then with my classical background, I would always have sang Ave Maria. So I thought the idea to merge both songs together would be something a little bit different to what people might expect to hear, both in a general sense, and from me."

The process of making the two pieces fit together just right, however, wasn't as simple as the final result might indicate, as Yvonne explained! 

"No, definitely a bit of trial and error involved in that part of things. But there'd have to be, and we expected that. It took a good while to work out the transitions between the two songs, and hope then that they sounded right. Myself and my friend, Cappie [Mark Caplin], who recorded Angel Maria, I think we were from nine in the morning until at least six in the evening working on it, to get it to sound just right." 

Speaking about the video for the song, Yvonne said: "It had to be something soft as well, ya know, like the song itself. So that's what Peadar [Gill] and I were aiming for. If you reference the lyrics of the songs, you have 'in the arms of an angel', and then 'Ave Maria', they're just two very soft pieces."

"I definitely wanted the video to reflect that. After chatting back and forth about where would we shoot, we ended up just doing it in a room that had a nice, neutral background, and my rig-out was a soft pink jacket, again, just to reflect the softness. We wanted everything to be soft."

"It has a lovely, clean, gentle, almost a baby's breath, clouds, angelic kinda vibe to it. With your typical 'Ave Maria', you can start off soft and then build. But there's no dynamic like that, no big, massive outburst in 'Angel Maria.' It's just very smooth, and very calm the whole way through. That's what I wanted. It's simple. But I'm a big, big believer in less-is-more sometimes, so I wanted that to be reflected in the video as well." 

Yvonne continued, "It's going to be nice for people to finally hear the two songs together now, to hear how well they work, because I can break into the classical range with the second part of it. So yeah, I'm very excited for people to hear it, and to see the video, too. And I want to say a great, big thank you to Offaly News for premiering it! Thanks so, so much! I hope everybody loves it as much as I do now. I think we got it just right with the way the video matches the song. I just think it all really works together this time." 

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