VIDEO: Shocking condition of Offaly road highlighted by local resident

Damian Moran


Damian Moran


The shocking condition of a road in Offaly has been highlighted in a video taken by a local resident.

Kieran Delaney shot the video along the canal line from Rahan to Pullough with an incredible number of potholes on a short stretch of road. Many are of a size that could do serious damage to a vehicle.

In his post accompanying the video Kieran commented, "it's only worse it's getting by the week, even on a dry enough day you can barely see the sheer size of some of these holes. When it rains they're totally covered and could do some serious damage to cars or even cause a car to end up in the canal. I personally think something drastically needs to be done and resurface the whole road. Think the local councillors should stand up now to the council and get this issue sorted."

A Facebook page has been set up called 'Tar canal line between Rahan and Pullough before we're drowned' and it can be viewes by clicking here

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