WATCH: Offaly pub's Valentine's ad is a dating disaster warning to all





JJ Hough's Singing Pub have come up with a great way of advertising a Valentine's date night for loved up couples in their Banagher establishment. 

The pub, famous for their top class Christmas adverts, tackled the dating disaster scenario, namely, not having enough money!

The advert follows a young couple on their date at JJ Hough's where they sample their pizza menu, the one problem being that they only have enough money for one. 

As Chris Reddin's character's date, played by Emma Parsons, heads off to the toilet, the pizza arrives and Chris, a lá Joey Tribbiani, devours the whole thing before Emma returns. 

Date ruined, disaster, heralding JJ Hough's daring tagline, "Don't be a Cupid Stunt, bring enough dough for two."

The video was put together by Ian McCaffery, Harry Prendergast and Ger Hough and features Emma Parsons, Chris Reddin and Padraig Carroll.

The moody music, a version of country classic 'Stand by Your Man' is performed by Harry Prendergast.