Watch: Offaly singer songwirter making waves in Nashville with 'The Back Axels'

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


Record label Hypermedia Nashville have announced the release of the debut single, “O Reilly Was A Hero”, from the highly acclaimed Irish group, The Back Axels.

Fronting the band is Offaly's own singer/songwriter Stephen Rosney. The Back Axels, formerly know as Roslyn, previously released songs like “Red Haired Mary” and “Maid In The Garret”. The Back Axels lead singer, and driving force behind this group, Stephen Rosney, felt like it was time for a change with this new album and The Back Axles were born.

The video for "O Reilly Was A Hero" was filmed in the deep south of the United States. Visually it has an American Civil War theme that makes for a beautiful and heart touching video.

The band members come from all parts of Ireland, bringing with them their own style of music which forms the unique sound of The Back Axles.

The Band Members are Stephen Rosney - Guitar / Vocals; Shane Dunne - Double Bass; David Hawkins - Dobro / Harmonica; Michael Devine - Banjo / Mandolin