Don’t write off the PC just yet

Deloitte, the leading business advisory firm, launched its predictions for the technology, media and telecommunications industries for 2013.

The report by Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Industry Group outlines, amongst other topics, how the PC will fare this year in the age of smartphones and tablets in addition to how consumers will change their television viewing habits with the advent of dual video screening. The report also outlines how mobile operators may change the way in which they charge customers for data usage.

Strong sales of tablets and smartphones have prompted some to suggest that the PC is becoming an anachronism. From 2010 to 2012, sales of tablets and smartphones have grown from over 350 million to around 1 billion units. This is far greater than the volume of PC sales, which also grew over that period, just at a lower rate. PC sales were 350 million in 2010, 353 million in 2011 and are likely to be about 355 million units in 2012.

Commenting on the launch of the report, Harry Goddard, Partner, Deloitte commented: “The report highlights the emerging global trends likely to have significant medium to long term impacts for companies in technology, media, telecommunications, and other industries. The launch is particularly timely and insightful for the Irish TMT industry as one of the key priorities for Ireland’s presidency of the EU is realising the potential that the digital economy brings.