Telematry to be used by insurance company

Ireland’s low cost car insurance company, No Nonsense launched SmartDriver - state of the art telematics technology aimed at cutting out the nonsense in the car insurance market by offering cash back based on individual driver behaviour.

This technology, which is now being offered by over 60% of UK car insurance firms, is set to transform the way in which car insurance premiums are determined and works on the basis of rewarding safe drivers for behaviour on the roads.

In a study conducted to mark the launch of the new SmartDriver offer, research has revealed the true extent of rivalry between male and female drivers. In a survey of almost 1000 drivers 61% of men indicated that they believe they were safer drivers than women with 82% of women drivers disagreeing.

Men and women also disagree with each other regarding the introduction of new EU laws which prevent use of gender on setting insurance premiums, with 70% of men welcoming the news and 73% of women disagreeing. However there was a little disagreement when it came to monitoring driver behaviour in order to get cash back, with 82% of both men and women saying they would be willing to partake if they thought they could benefit financially.