Danone First 1,000 Days Movement

Damian Moran


Damian Moran

The First 1,000 Days of life, from pregnancy up to two years of age, offers a unique window of opportunity to secure the long term health and development of an individual.

The ambition is that all those who have an interest in public health issues -- specifically as they relate to infant and children’s health -- will support the movement by helping to educate parents and potential parents about the critical importance of good nutrition from the moment of conception right through to two years of age.

The initiative was launched by husband and wife team, Neven and Amelda Maguire, who are parents of twins, Connor and Lucia, who are 15 months old. Neven and Amelda are the ambassadors for the public awareness movement and are lending their support to a wide range of activities.

As part of the initiative, DBN and Neven have worked with the INDI to create the First 1,000 Days Recipe Book. This is full of recipes that will allow parents to optimise infant nutrition including three recipes developed specifically by Neven for this publication. You can log onto www.first1000days.ie to download a copy your copy. You can also check out the blog posts from Neven and Amelda Maguire, who will be regularly updating the site with seasonal top tips and healthy recipe ideas for busy moms and dads like themselves.

Full details about the First 1,000 Days movement can be found at www.first1000days.ie