POLL: Do you agree with further Post Office closures in rural Ireland?

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly





News has been  breaking this morning that a report into Post Offices has suggested the closure of a further 80 branches in a cost saving bid to stem the outflow of money from the organisation. According to the Irish Independent, an unpublished report, overseen by businessman Bobby Kerr, outlines a range of proposals, including the shutting of 80 outlets.

There are currently 1,300 hundred post offices around the country, but the company’s losing around €12 million a year from its branch network. Campaigners claim post office closures are a blow to rural Ireland, and just this morning, Independent TD Mattie McGrath, has said "the Government seems to have no social conscience."

Those opposed to further closures say this would be a death nail for many small communities as older people depend on the social outlet of the post office. Others suggest that if money has to be saved, closures can stem the tide for the ocmpany, ultimately saving more jobs in the Post Office branch network.

The ultimate aim is to make pension and social welfare payments electronic for everyone, meaning the core use for the post office in many communities would be eroded. Many would suggest that this is a step forward, but campaigners continue to fight for post offices, especially amid reports like the one being mentioned today.

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