Offaly boy fighting for his life after devastating cancer diagnosis

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly boy fighting for his life after devastating cancer diagnosis

Offaly boy fighting for his life after devastating cancer diagnosis

A nine-year-old boy from Tullamore is on life support in the UK after a devastating cancer diagnosis. 

Young Charlie Lynch's story came to prominence last year as his mother Helen Lynch raised awareness and funds to have him treated outside of Ireland for a rare liver disease.

Having been through some rough times, Charlie had a liver transplant in March of this year, and shocked doctors with the pace of his recovery. 

The boy's family were planning celebrations, including a party in his hometown of Tullamore, but in recent months, Charlie's condition has deteriorated once again.

In a devastating blow, Helen Lynch revealed that her son has Kaposi Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that is "attacking his organs."

Having been re-admitted to King's Hospital in London in May, Charlie is now commencing six months of chemotherapy. He is also on life support to help is lungs and is also receiving dialysis for his failing kidneys.

Helen Lynch said that she had a meeting with Charlie's lead consultant this week, saying she received "every mother's worst nightmare." "All Charlie's tests came back and Charlie isn't doing good," the worried mother added. A meeting was organised with three other UK hospitals to decide which was best to further Charlie's treatment but it was then decided that he was too weak to be transferred. 

"I was also told that because he's so ill and unstable that chemotherapy and radiation treatment could meen we lose him as his body is too weak to fight it off," Helen explained.

"My poor baby. Why does this have to happen to us?" the heartbroken mother commented, going on to say, "my champ is still fighting for his life, it's not right. The poor child is suffering."

In a devastating post to Charlie on Facebook, Helen wrote, "Please God you get through this. Mammy can't live without you, baby."

Helen asked for people to "please pray" for Charlie as he goes through his intensive treatment. 


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