Rynagh's riding high as Offaly camogie championship heats up






Rynagh's riding high as Offaly camogie championship heats up

Rynagh's riding high as Offaly camogie championship heats up

St.Rynaghs remained unbeaten in the Offaly senior championship this year as they registered their fourth win with a 2-14 to 1-9 win over St.Cillians last Saturday evening.

The championship continues to provide a very exciting contest as Shinrone and Birr played out a draw with an injury-time point ensuring the game ended level.

This means Shinrone and Birr sit level in second and third place while St.Cillians are the fourth and final team to secure a semi-final position based on their wins over Birr and Lusmagh/Drumcullen.

The results of the drawn game between Birr and Shinrone means last year's semi-finalists Lusmagh/Drumcullen cannot qualify for a semi-final position although they defeated Tullamore last Friday night. 

The rules state:

“In the event of two or more teams being equal on points after the league series of a competition, the score difference of the preceding games between the teams concerned only, shall be taken into account to determine places in the knockout stage of the competition.  If teams are still tied at this stage, the victorious team in the first game between the sides concerned shall proceed to knockout stage of the competition and where two or more teams draw in the first game that a play-off game be played, with the victorious team progressing to the knockout stage of the competition.”

Below is a clarification and examples added after the 2018 convention and do not form part of the wording of the above by-law, but were written to help understanding of same:

Score difference accumulated against teams that don’t finish on the same table points are not counted. Therefore strong teams amassing big scores against teams that will never be in contention for the same place on a league table is not necessary. Only score difference accumulated against teams you are on equal table points with will be counted, in the event of a points tie.

Example 1: A league has 6 teams: ABCDEF

Teams A B and C are tied at the top of the table with 6 league points each after winning 3 games each. The top team goes to a semi final, so to determine the top team we only look at the score difference from the following games: Team A v Team B ;  Team A v Team C and Team B v Team C. Any scores in games between the top 3 teams and teams D E or F are not considered.

Example 2: If Teams D&E are tied on equal table points and we need to determine 4th place on the table, then the score difference from the games between team D and team E will be counted only.

If the score difference from those games is equal, then whoever won the first game between teams D and E proceeds. If that game was a draw, then a play-off is needed.

The final round takes place this weekend with semi-final pairings to be decided for St. Rynaghs, Birr, Shinrone and St.Cillians while Lusmagh/Drumcullen and Tullamore will play a relegation play-off on September 15.


HQphysio.com senior championship played on or before Sunday, August 25. 

Tullamore v St. Cillian’s
Shinrone v Lusmagh-Drumcullen 
Birr v St. Rynagh’s


HQphysio.com senior championship R4

Birr 3-8 v Shinrone 2-11
Tullamore 2-8 v Lusmagh-Drumcullen 3-15
St. Cillian’s 1-9 v St. Rynagh’s 2-14