09 Aug 2022

Offaly Athletics Report (June 7)

Liam Brady leading the charge at the Ballyskenach 5k

Liam Brady leading the charge at the Ballyskenach 5k

Offaly Track and Field Championships 2017

This year’s county Track & Field competition was hosted by Tullamore Harriers and proved to be a great evening of athletic competition with representatives from most of the clubs in Offaly. There were races in various age groups over 400m, 800m and the classic mile distance as well as field competitions in the javelin, shot putt and long jump. The Athletics County Board extend their sincere thanks to all the clubs who took part and in particular to those at Tullamore Harriers who organised the event and oversaw the evening’s events. Well done to all who took part and congratulations to the medal winners.


400m Senior Women: 1st Sarah Stephens (TH) 1.09.00; 2nd Orla Hannon (NMD) 1.13.40; 3rd Brigid Fox

(TH) 1.13.40.

400m Senior Men: 1st Dave Staunton (Clara) 58.32; 2nd Stephen Burns (NMD) 59.15; 3rd Pauric Martin (TH) 60.66; 4th Darly Connolly (NCC) 64.14; 5th Damien Longworth (NMD) 70.03; 5th Mark Kearney (NCC) 70.08

400m W35: 1st Verona Smyth (TH) 1.13.50; 2nd Jenelle Gowran (Clara) 1.15.80; 3rd Siobhan Stewart (TH) 1.16.30; 4th Helen Swaine (Rhode) 1.48.90

400m M35: 1st Darren Butler (TH) 59.01; 2nd Leonard Mooney (TH) 60.10; 3rd Darragh Rigney (TH)

63.20; 4th Mark Harpur (TH) 71.80; 5th Paul Mahon (Edenderry) 74.02.

400m W40: 1st Caroline Donnnellan (Edenderry) 1.10.30; 2nd Michelle Davis (Ballyskenach) 1.16.60; 3rd Marie Sweeney (Birr) 1.18.70; 4th Macrina Corri ( NCC) 1.20.50; 5th Una Mullen (TH) 1.23.00; 6th Deirdre O’Donoghue (Edenderry) 1.24.60; 7th Anne McCormack (Ballyskenach) 1.26.90; 8th Regina Farrell (NMD) 1.29.80; 9th Geraldine Rowan (Clara) 1.32.30; 10th Bridget O’Keeffe (Ballyskenach) 1.36.90; 11th Noelle O’Donoghue (NMD) 1.40.50; 12th Deirdre Henchy (Rhode) 1.40.80; 13th Lia Evans (Edenderry) 1.43.70; 14th Michelle Ryan (Ballyskenach) 1.52.40; 15th Anne Marie McNamara (TH) 2.01.10

400m M40: 1st Peter Ormond (Ballyskenach) 60.10; 2nd Stephen Byrne (NMD) 61.30; 3rd Glenn Finlay (TH) 64.70; 4th James O’Donoghue (Edenderry) 65.30; 5th Rory Farrell (TH) 67.80; 6th Andrew Bracken (NCC) 68.20; 7th James Daly (NCC) 69.70; 8th Mattie Flanagan (NMD) 72.60.

400m M50: 1st John Donegan (TH) 72.70; 2nd Liam Ryan (Ballyskenach) 76.60; 3rd Philip Ryan (Ballyskenach) 78.10; 4th Ciaran O’Driscoll (TH) 82.70; 5th Ciaran O’Humoltaigh (NCC) 83.80.

400m W50: 1st Josie Lalor (TH) 1.17.70; 2nd Ann Hanrahan (Birr) 1.19.30; 3rd Martina Conlon 1.27.60

400m W60: 1st Kathleen Delaney (Birr) 1.58.60

400m M60: 1st Martin Carroll (Ballyskenach)

800m Senior Women: 1st Sarah Stephens (TH) 2.53; 2nd Brigid Fox (TH) 2.58

800 Senior Men: 1st Paul Buckley (Ferbane) 2.17; 2nd Jimmy Coughlan (NMD) 2.21; 3rd Adrian Delaney (NMD) 2.24; 4th Darly Connolly (NCC) 2.33; 5th Brian Betson (NMD) 2.41; 6th Mark Kearney (NCC) 2.53

800m M 354: 1st Leonard Mooney (TH) 2.19; 2nd Darragh Rigney (TH) 2.21; 3rd Matthew O’Byrne (TH) 2.32; 4th Robbie Westman (TH) 2.44; 5th Mark Harpur (TH) 2.51

800m W35: 1st Verona Smyth (TH) 2.57; 2nd Nita McLoughlin (TH) 3.00; 3rd Jenelle Gowran (Clara) 3.03

800m W40: 1st Caroline Donnellan (Edenderry) 2.40; 2nd Una Mullen (TH) 3.08; 3rd Michelle Davis (Ballyskenach) 3.18; 4th Anne Marie McNamara (TH) 3.16; 5th Anne McCormack (Ballyskenach) 3.18; 6th Deirdre O’Donoghue (Edenderry) 3.21; 7th Sharon Daly (TH) 3.36; 8th Miriam Brady (TH) 3.50; 9th Lia Evans (Edenderry) 4.05.

800m M40: 1st Brendan Donagher (NMD) 2.22; 2nd Ger Cleary (NMD) 2.26; 3rd Rory Farrell (TH) 2.35; 4th Ray Martin (TH) 2.36; 5th Leonard Owens (TH) 2.38; 6th James O’Donoghue (Edenderry) 2.42; 7th Andrew Bracken (NCC) 2.47; 8th Nicky Dunne (Birr) 2.53; 9th Jim Quinn (NCC) 4.43

800m W50: 1st Joie Lalor (TH) 3.00; 2nd Ann Hanrahan (Birr) 3.06; 3rd Mary Galvin (TH) 3.08; 4th Carmel Ormond (Ballyskenach) 4.19

800m M50: 1st John Donegan (TH) 2.41; 2nd Philip Ryan (Ballyskenach) 3.08; 3rd Ciaran O’Humoltaigh (NCC) 3.38

800m M60: 1st Martin Carroll (Ballyskenach) 3.08; 2nd Jim Dolan (TH) 3.10

1 Mile Senior Women: 1st Brigid Fox (TH) 6.23; 2nd Emma Connolly (NMD) 6.30; 3rd Hazel Dunne (Clara) 7.07; 4th Ursula Davis (NMD) 7.07; 5th Imelda Coughlan (NMD) 7.26; 6th Aisling Farrell (NMD) 7.49

1 Mile Senior Men: 1st Jimmy Coughlan (NMD); 2nd Adrian Delaney (NMD); 3rd Brian Betson (NMD).

1 Mile W35: 1st Tracey Kinnarney (TH) 7.02

1 Mile M35: 1st Leonard Mooney (TH); 2nd Darragh Rigney (TH)

1 Mile W40: 1st Caroline Donnellan (Edenderry) 5.59; 2nd Pauline Colgan (NMD) 6.40; 3rd Mag Grennan (TH) 6.46; 4th Freda McNamee (NMD) 6.59; 5th Elaine Cuskelly (NMD) 7.04; 6th Sharon Jones (NMD) 7.07; 7th Anne McCormack (Ballyskenach) 7.09; 8th Olive Geraghty (NMD) 7.11; 9th Tracey Cuddy (NMD) 7.27

1 Mile M40: 1st Brendan Donagher (NMD); 2nd Glenn Finlay (TH); 3rd Ger Cleary (NMD); 4th Rory Farrell (TH); 5th Ray Martin (TH); 6th Leonard Owens (TH); 7th Mattie Flanagan (NMD); 8th Paddy Rowland (TH).

1 Mile W50: 1st Ann Hanrahan (Birr) 6.51; 2nd Mary Galvin (TH) 6.55; 3rd Anne Daly 9 TH ) 7.36; 4th Martina Conlon (TH) 7.36.

1 Mile M50: 1st John Donegan (TH); 2nd Liam Ryan (Ballyskenach)

1 Mile M60: 1st Johnny Feery (TH); 2nd Andy O’Grady (TH); 3rd Jim Dolan (TH)

Javelin Senior Men: 1st Pauric Martin (TH) 20.65

Javelin W40: 1st Hilary Duncan (TH) 15.10; 2nd Alice Quinn (Rhode) 11.66; 3rd Mary Fox-Mann (TH) 10.75; 4th Bridget O’Keeffe (Ballyskenach) 10.25; 5th Michelle Davis (Ballyskenach) 10.07; 6th Geraldine Rowan (Clara) 9.53; 7th Sue Masterson (Edenderry) 9.22; 8th Trish Crowley (Ballyskenach) 9.05; 9th Sinead Dunning (NCC) 8.80; 10th Lia Evans (Edenderry) 6.68; 11th Deirdre McCabe (NMD) 6.60; 12th Audrey Boland (NCC) 6.40; 13th Sandra Busteed (TH) 5.95

Javelin M40: 1st Brendan Clerkin (Clara) 36.56; 2nd Dave Heather (Birr) 26.56; 3rd Damien Finnerty (Birr) 24.83; 4th James O’Donoghue (Edenderry) 24.13; 5th Andrew Bracken (NCC) 20.46; 6th Mattie Flanagan (NMD) 17.48; 7th Danny Parker (Ballyskenach) 17.30; 8th John Connolly (TH) 15.04; 9th James Daly (NCC) 7.40; 10th Paul Hensey (TH) 19.38

Javelin W50: 1st Mary Daly (Rhode) 9.77; 2nd Geraldine Kiernan (Rhode) 7.93; 3rd Joanne Kelly (Clara) 5.81; 4th Doloreen Brereton (NMD) 4.95

Javelin M50: 1st Adrian Brennan (TH) 24.07;

Javelin W60: 1st Sheila McLoughlin (Rhode) 3.24;

Javelin M60: 1st Jim Dolan (TH) 16.78; 2nd Martin Carroll (Ballyskenach) 12.94; 3rd John Donegan (TH) 20.10; 4th Denis Flynn (TH) 16.15; 5th Martin Carroll (Ballyskenach) 12.94

Shot Putt Senior Men: 1st Michael Kenny) Birr 10.33

Shot Putt W35: Verona Smyth (TH) 6.08; 2nd Siobhan Stewart (TH) 5.49

Shot Putt W40 : 1st Bridget O’Keeffe (Ballyskenach) 6.77; 2nd Sue Masterson (Edenderry) 5.94; 3rd

Michelle Davis (Ballyskenach) 5.76; 4th Michelle Ryan (Ballyskenach) 5.55; 5th Sandra Busteed (TH) 5.50; 6th Trish Crowley (Ballyskenach) 5.16; 7th Lia Evans (Edenderry) 5.07; 8th Trish Shaw (TH) 3.93

Shot Putt M40: 1st Danny Parker (Ballyskenach) 6.93; 2nd Damien Finnerty (Birr) 6.89

Shot Putt W50: 1st Josie Lalor (TH) 5.11; 2nd Doloreen Brereton (NMD) 4.80; 3rd Theresa Ryan (Ballyskenach) 4.03

Shot Putt M50: 1st Adrian Brennan (TH) 7.81; 2nd Mark Lowry (Clara) 5.52

Shot Putt W60: 1st Kathleen Delaney 3.86

Shot Putt M60: 1st Jim Dolan (TH) 7.45; 2nd Michael Kenny (Birr) 6.61

Long Jump Senior Women: 1st Aoife Burke (TH) 4.18; 2nd Lorna Gilligan (TH) 3.93

Long Jump Senior Men: 1st Stephen Burns (NMD) 5.28; 2nd Dave Staunton (Clara) 4.12;

Long Jump: W35: 1st Siobhan Stewart (TH) 2.88; 2nd Verona Smyth (TH) 2.81; 3rd Helen Swaine (Rhode) 2.32

Long Jump M35: 1st Darren Butler (TH) 4.81; 2nd Matthew O’Byrne (TH) 3.90; 3rd Robbie Westman (TH) 3.80; 4th Paul Mahon (Edenderry)

Long Jump W40: 1st Marie Sweeney (Birr) 2.92; 2nd Caroline Donnellan (Edenderry) 2.82; 3rd Deridre O’Donoghue (Edenderry) 2.02; 4th Alice Quinn (Rhode) 1.85

Long Jump M40: 1st Stephen Byrne (NMD) 4.81; 2nd Rory Farrell (TH) 3.73; 3rd James O’Donoghue (Edenderry) 3.52; 4th Dave Heather (Birr) 3.41; 5th Andrew Bracken (NCC) 3.21; 6th Nicky Dunne (Birr) 2.56; 7th Damien Finnerty (Birr) 2.42

Long Jump W50: 1st Doloreen Brereton (NMD) 1.43

Long Jump M50: 1st Adrain Brennan (TH) 3.91; 2nd John Donegan (TH) 3.47; 3rd Mark Lowry (Clara) 3.36

Long Jump M60L 1st Jim Dolan (TH) 3.00; 2nd Michael Kenny (Birr) 2.71

Medley Relay (Mixed teams): 1st Tullamore Harriers A team; 2nd Tullamore Harriers B team; 3rd Naomh Mhuire Daingean

Offaly Road Race Series

Ballyskenach AC hosted a very successful 5k road race last Friday evening which saw more than 350 runners take to the start line. This was the fifth race in the Offaly Race Series which has three races left to go. Liam Brady of Tullamore Harriers won in a very impressive time of 15.53 with Ferbane’s Mick Fogarty taking second place in 15.59. Third place went to Tom Lupton of Portlaoise AC who ran 16.00. Tulllamore also claimed the top spot in the women’s race with Nadine Donegan running a super race to win in a pb of 18.31. Sinead Rigney, also of Tullamore, was second in 19.09 and Jacqueline Hughes of Thurles was third in 19.24. Sandra Fitzpatrick (unattached) was first over 40 in 21.22 with Catch Grennan (Ferbane AC) solidifying his place as leader of the M40 category having run 16.36. The over 50 prize winners were Mary Galvin (Tullamore Harriers) in 22.10 and Noel Marum (Portlaoise AC) who ran 17.31. Kathleen Delaney of Birr was the first lady over 60 in 28.39 and Johnny Feery (Tullamore Harriers) ran 18.30 to claim first place in the M60 competition. Jim Langan won the M70 group for Tullamore in 25.01. Tullamore also won the Junior Girls race with Cara Martin running 21.26. Nenagh Olympic’s Aaron Quigley ran 16.46 to win the Junior Boys race.

Series Leaders

The leaderboard for the Offaly Race Series after Round 4 stands as follows: Senior Men: 1st Dave Murray; 2nd Jason Donegan; 3rd Leonard Mooney – all Tullamore Harriers

Senior Women: 1st Nadine Donegan; 2nd Pauline Curley; 3rd Sinead Rigney – all Tullamore Harriers

M40: 1st Catch Grennan (Ferbane); 2nd Brendan Donagher (Naomh Mhuire Daingean)

F40: 1st Caroline Donnellan (Edenderry); 2nd Carmel Murray (Birr); 3rd Mag Grennan (Tullamore Harriers)

M50: 1st Brendan Abbott (TH); 2nd John Donegan (TH); 3rd Kevin Brazil (Ferbane)

F50: 1st Mary Galvin (TH); 2nd Marie Donegan (TH); 3rd Martina Conlon (TH)

M60: 1st Andy O’Grady (TH); 2nd Ger Woods (NMD); 3rd Johnny Feery (TH)

F60: 1st Kathleen Delaney (Birr); 2nd Mary T Glennon (TH)

M70: 1st Jim Langan

Teams: Men: 1st Ferbane AC; 2nd Tullamore Harriers; 3rd Naomh Mhuire Daingean

Women: Tullamore Harriers; 2nd Naomh Mhuire Daingean; 3rd Birr

With three more races to go in the series, it is still all to play for in terms for the overall scores with the final three races set to be very competitive. The remaining races in the series are as follows:

Rd 6 Daingean, June 25

Rd 7 Edenderry, July 14

Rd 8 Birr, August 4

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