Young athletes demonstrate their prowess

THE Tullamore Harriers stadium played host to last Friday’s Inter County Match involving athletes from Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath. A great evening was had by all.

THE Tullamore Harriers stadium played host to last Friday’s Inter County Match involving athletes from Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath. A great evening was had by all.

Boys Results

U-9 60m: 1st John Ikpotokin (Laois), 2nd Liam Kavanagh (Laois), 3rd Luke Burke (Offaly).

U-9 300m: 1st John Ikpotokin, 2nd Mark Shaw (Westmeath), 3rd Liam Kavanagh.

U-9 Ball Throw: 1st Adrian Dunne (Laois), 2nd Evan Farrelly (Offaly), 3rd Jack Donegan (Offaly).

U-10 60m: 1st Max Gunning (Westmeath), 2nd Ben Coen (Laois), 3rd Brendan Finnan (Longford).

U-10 500m: 1st Brendan Finnan, 2nd-Mark Shaw, 3rd Mickey Moffatt (Westmeath).

U-10 Ball Throw: 1st Brendan Finnan, 2nd Brian Gaffney (Westmeath), 3rd Stephen Lown (Offaly).

U-10 Long Jump: 1stBen Coen, 2nd Cian Davis (Laois), 3rd Brendan Finnan (Longford).

U-11 80m: 1st Canice Whearaty (Laois), 2nd Eoin Quinn (Westmeath), 3rd Michael Lown (Offaly).

U-11 600m: 1st Eoin Quinn, 2nd Cian Phillips (Longford), 3rd Andrew Shaw (Westmeath).

U-11 Ball Throw: 1st Michael Lown, 2nd Killian Brennan (Offaly) 3rd Michael Murphy (Offaly).

U-11 Long Jump: 1st Michael Lown, 2nd Eoin Quinn, 3rd Leo Gunning (Westmeath).

U-12 80m: 1st James Dunne (Offaly), 2nd Adam Dunne (Laois), 3rd Adam Bate (Westmeath).

U-12 600m: 1st James Dunne, 2nd Andrew Daly (Westmeath), 3rd Enda Gaffney (Westmeath).

U-12 Shot Putt: 1st Ian Spencer (Offaly), 2nd Cathal Doyle (Laois), 3rd Finn Dempsey (Offaly).

U-12 Long Jump: 1st Ian Spencer, 2ndJack Hayes (Westmeath), 3rd Cathal Doyle.

U-13 80m: 1st Connor McHugh (Westmeath), 2nd Christopher Whittle (Offaly), 3rd Saul O’Carroll (Offaly).

U-13 800m: 1st Connor McHugh, 2nd-Cormac Izuchukwu (Offaly), 3rd Christopher Whittle.

U-13 Shot Putt: 1st Eoin Keenan (Laois), 2nd Christopher Whittle, 3rd Ciarain Mulligan (Offaly).

U-13 Long Jump: 1st Christopher Whittle, 2nd PJ Daly (Laois), 3rd Saul O’Carroll.

U-14 100m: 1st Eoin Mulligan (Offaly), 2nd Eoghan Gallagher (Westmeath), 3rd Patrick Leydon (Westmeath).

U-14 800m: 1st Eoghan Gallagher, 2nd Eoin Mulligan. 

U-14 Shot Putt: 1st Eoin Mulligan, 2nd George Delahuz (Westmeath), 3rd Harrison Badger (Westmeath).

U-14 Long Jump: 1st Eoin Mulligan.

Girls Results

U-9 60m: 1st Sarah McPhillips (Longford), 2nd Aideen Mulligan (Longford), Joint 3rd Aoife O’Brien (Westmeath) & Hannah Riley (Offaly).

U-9 300m: 1st Aideen Mulligan, 2nd Hannah Riley, 3rd Sarah McPhillip (Longford).

U-9 Ball Throw: 1st Rebecca Mullally (Laois), 2nd Aideen Mulligan, 3rd Hannah Riley.

U-10 60m: 1st Yemi Tolabi (Longford), 2nd Cathlin Farrelly (Offaly), 3rd Helen Ikdotokin (Laois). U-10 500m: 1st Helen Ikdotokin, 2nd Cathlin Farrelly, 3rd Francessca Walshe (Westmeath).

U-10 Ball Throw: 1st Jessica Maloney (Westmeath), 2nd Eleanor Healy (Laois), 3rd Yemi Talabi.

U-10 Long Jump: 1st Eleanor Healy, 2nd Yemi Talabi, 3rd Edel Daly (Offaly).

U-11 80m: 1st Shauna Leydon (Westmeath), 2nd Shannon Fennelen (Laois), 3rd Nicola Groenewald (Westmeath).

U-11 600m: 1st Niamh O’Reilly (Offaly), 2nd Leah Kelly (Laois), 3rd Nicola Aribekola (Laois).

U-11 Ball Throw: 1st Niamh Kavanagh (Offaly), 2nd Alison Bane (Westmeath), 3rd Nicola Groenewald.

U-11 Long Jump: 1st Niamh O’Reilly, 2nd Nicola Groenewald, 3rd Niamh Harte (Longford).

U-12 80m: 1st Sophie Fortune (Laois), 2nd Rebecca Balfe (Laois), 3rd Susan Glennon (Westmeath).

U-12 600m: 1st Danielle Donegan (Offaly), 2nd Aoife Darby (Westmeath), 3rd Susan Glennon.

U-12 Shot Putt: 1st Sinead Quinn (Laois), 2nd Grace Elogbamien (Offaly), 3rd Emily McCarty (Longford).

U-12 Long Jump: 1st Danielle Donegan, 2nd Rebecca Balfe (Laois), 3rd Rachael Horan (Offaly).

U-13 80m: 1st Elaine Daly (Laois), 2nd Ikeya Collins (Longford), 3rd Aoife Daly (Laois).

U-13 800m: 1st Ikeya Collins, 2nd Aoife Mooney (Laois), 3rd Niamh Rafter (Offaly).

U-13 Shot Putt: 1st Roisin O’Donovan (Offaly), 2nd Eimer Healy (Laois), 3rd Elaine Daly (Laois).

U-13 Long Jump: 1st Emma Lawlor (Laois), 2nd Elaine Daly, 3rd Nel Deegan (Offaly).

U-14 100m: 1st Orlaith Malally (Laois), 2nd Frances Hoare (Offaly), 3rd Alanna Bate (Westmeath).

U-14 800m: 1st Alanna Bate, 2nd Meabh McNulty (Westmeath), 3rd Eva Galvin (Laois).

U-14 Shot Putt: 1st Frances Hoare, 2nd Stephanie Agbana (Westmeath), 3rd Rachael Daly (Offaly).

U-14 Long Jump: 1st Eva Galvin, 2nd Emma Darby (Offaly), 3rd Jana Dembrehte (Offaly).

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