O’Donohue’s Bakery launches new 'Pure' bread range in time for National Bread Week

By Offaly Express Reporter


By Offaly Express Reporter




O'Donohue's Bakery Launch 'Pure' Bread range

For generations, white bread has been a staple part of the Irish diet and long may it continue with recent studies released by The Irish Bread Bakers Association on Friday 30th September telling us that scientific evidence proves that 'it’s OK to eat white sliced bread'.

In fact, white bread can contribute to a healthy, balanced diet as it is low in fat, low in sugar and is a good source of carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, iron, protein, fibre, and folic acid.

Well O’Donohue’s have gone one better by introducing a brand new 'Pure' range of yeast breads that are made with 100% natural ingredients and the most important ingredient which is time.

Twenty-seven years in business, Cathal O’Donohue says, “You have got to listen to the consumer! Our passion for baking is one thing but giving the consumer what they want is another – even better when they don’t know they want it. Innovation is key to staying in business and O’Donohues new product development is based on closely monitored consumer needs and market trends.”

Incentivised by Dunnes initiative to stock real, natural, wholesome bread on the back of their customers questioning the presence of non-core ingredients in staple products, O’Donohues have developed their new 'Pure' bread range which will be made with the same natural ingredients of flour, salt, yeast and water but by a lengthier process which enables previously added commercial bread improver to be replaced by … time.

Real bread by real people - Along with O’Donohue’s Soda bread range, this change to their yeast breads will now mean that all of O’Donohue’s bread stocked in Dunnes Stores will now be 100% natural or “Pure” and crafted by their team of skilled bakers.
From Monday 10th October which is the beginning of National Bread Week, O’Donohues 'Pure' Bread range will be available exclusively to Dunnes Stores in place of the existing O’Donohues/O’Sheas yeast breads which will be available in all other local stockists.

“Bread is one of the most nutritionally valuable foods that money can buy and should be an important part in everyone’s diet” – Dr. Mary McCreery, registered dietician and nutritionist.

Keep a look out for O’Donohue’s new 'Pure' range in a Dunnes Stores near you!