Use Eircode to stop rural crime in Offaly

By Offaly Express Reporter


By Offaly Express Reporter


Use Eircode to stop rural crime

Some recovered stolen items are waiting for years to be returned to their owners in Offaly, but Gardaí have come up with a clever way to easily return stolen goods right back home.

They are urging the public to write their Eircode number on their property and take photos of it as evidence, so that if it is stolen and then recovered by Gardaí, it can be traced back right to their front door, using the postal code.

Inspt Stephen Delaney, Laois Offaly Crime Prevention Officer explained.

“We want people to mark their property. A lot of people don't. Use a UV pen and put your eircode on property, that is unique and can be traced right back to your house,” he said.

He also urged the public as well as farmers to join the IFA’s Theftstop website, which has kits to mark machinery, and signs to warn off potential burglars by saying that everything is marked.

“Most of the machinery stolen is unmarked,” he said.

Thieves found with stolen goods cannot be prosecuted unless the owner is traced.

“If the owner is found, they sign a statement of evidence to say when the item went missing. We can use that as evidence to charge the person. But we have to find something that someone else owns first,” he said.