Offaly community spirit alive and well in Pullough

Tribune Reporter


Tribune Reporter


Offaly community spirit alive and well in Pullough

Essential deliveries for a household in Pullough

With restrictions in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus, social distancing and staying 2km from home is now a norm among Irish people.

With this in mind, the people of Pullough are doing their part in the fight and as well as observing the guidelines are now more than ever availing of the services that award-winning, volunteer-run Pullough Community Shop have to offer.

Fresh bread and milk are in demand as well as other household essentials, fuel supplies,ice creams, sweets and treats. The Tullamore Tribune and Sunday papers are providing excellent reading material at these challenging times for those who can get to the shop.

For those who can't, those self-isolating or with transport issues, Pullough Community Shop have set up a free delivery service with volunteers dropping groceries to the doorstep of those in need.

If you know of anyone in need of this service or who would like to volunteer as a delivery person or to work in the shop for a few hours a week, Paddy from Pullough Community Shop can be contacted at 083 1493873.

Erin Rovers GAA have also set up a service for locals in need of prescriptions etc and Eamon can be contacted at 086 331 3312.

These local initiatives prove that the community spirit of Pullough is still alive, active and very strong looking after the most vulnerable in this rural, isolated but very supportive village and together we can all pull through this fight against the coronavirus.