Tullamore firm launches new product despite Covid-19 pandemic

Ger Scully


Ger Scully




Millbee has launched a new beeswax product

A TULLAMORE based small firm has taken the brave step of launching a new product despite the business uncertainty caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Millbee Studio, which manufactures beeswax food wraps  , a reusable alternative to clingfilm, have just launched a new beeswax balm.

“This balm is used to treat dry skin and in particular, dry hands. I think it's something that is needed due to people washing their hands so often.,” said Millibee founder and CEO, Jennifer Doyle.

Jennifer said she was lucky to have a studio at her home with facilities and ingredients which enabled her to launch her new product.

“One other factor in creating a balm with lavender  is to promote calm and relaxation. Many people are feeling anxious at this time so I feel it's so important to look after our wellbeing,” she outlined.

Added Jennifer; “Aside from launching a new product, I'm keeping my business going online with a young family It's challenging  but hopefully, we'll  all get through this and come out stronger.”

Jennifer said she's always been passionate about design, craft,  nature and sustainability and Millbee combines all her passions.

“For me, it's not just about creating products. I am a mother with two young kids and I want to create something meaningful and to consider the impact this has on our kids future.”

Continued Jennifer: “Being a sustainable brand is important to me. When I started making and using beeswax food wraps it felt good to be doing something positive for the environment. It made me more aware of how much plastic we actually use and how we can change this. Being sustainable is a journey and I think if we all make one little change it's a start in the right direction.”

Jennifer is also a beginner  beekeeper and says she surrounded by a great community of beekeepers in the Midlands.

“I love good food and cooking. I like to batch cook and store my meals and this was another great reason to make beeswax food wraps. Join me on  a sustainable journey as  we work towards creating a more natural living and use less plastic.”

She stressed that Millbee Studio want to tackle the issue of plastic pollution while promoting a sustainable alternative.

Millbee also make natural beeswax  pillar candles which help to create a relaxing experience -      https://millbee.com/pages/about

"My balm comes in jars that can be reused or recycled and our labels are made from recycled paper,” pointed out Jennifer.

She added “the balm is carefully packaged and delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes and our glass jar is wrapped in an eco-friendly paper as an alternative to plastic bubble wrap.”

Millbee is now operating online only at  millbee.com. “The courier  picks up at the gate so we are safe at home,” added Jennifer.

More details from https://millbee.com/pages/about or https://millbee.com/ products/beeswax-balm