Offaly councillor welcomes funding for Local Improvement Schemes

Karen O'Grady


Karen O'Grady


Offaly councillor welcomes €278,871 in funding for Offaly Local Improvement Schemes

Cllr John Clendennen

The allocation of €278,871 in funding for Local Improvement Schemes across Offaly was warmly welcomed by one local councillor.

  Welcoming the funding, Cllr John Clendennen said the funding will allow for the repair and improvement of several small private roads and laneways leading to local homes, farms, businesses and amenities that are not under the regular maintenance of Offaly County Council, and meet specific criteria. The works carried out will require a local contribution from respective users and all works are expected to be completed before the end of this year. 

  Cllr Clendennen stated: “These are testing times as the country deals with the Covid19 pandemic, but it’s important that we continue to see investment in improving and upgrading our road network across the county. A total of €16 million has been budgeted for the Offaly Roads Programme roads this year, and the Local Improvement Schemes funding announced by Minister Michael Ring is a supplementary allocation.”

According to Minister Michael Ring, “the Local Improvement Scheme continues to be a lifeline for people living in rural areas because it directly improves their access to and from their homes and farms. It’s important to remember that many people living in rural areas use these roads every day, so when these roads fall into disrepair, it has a significant impact on them. By investing an allocation of €10 million with this announcement in the improvement of these roads we are helping to improve people’s quality of life in rural areas.” 

The Local Improvement Scheme was reintroduced in September 2017 and in that period Offaly County Council has been allocated funding amounting to €1.87 Million. Cllr Clendennen described the funding as “an important scheme for rural Ireland and acknowledged the Government’s commitment to an annual funding allocation since the scheme was reintroduced and the work of Offaly County Council to deliver the completed improvement works”. 

“It is important at this point that Offaly County Council aim to complete the lists of outstanding applications across the county and prepare to reopen the scheme to new applications once all projects on the current list are completed”, concluded Cllr Clendennen.