Poll results in: Who will be the next Taoiseach of Ireland?

michaela odea


michaela odea

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Seamus Healy wants Dail recalled early.

A recent nationwide poll has outlined who the people of Ireland want the next Taoiseach to be. 

In a recent iReach survey, citizens across Ireland were asked a series of questions about the new government. These questions ranged from "Who do you think will be the next taoiseach?" to "Who do you think will be the next Tánaiste?".

The survey displayed a surge in expectations that Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party will form a new Coalition Government.

The poll ran between March 5 and March 11 2020. The results showcased that 49% of people believe Micheál Martin will be the next Taoiseach. 23% of people believe Leo Varadkar will be the next Tánaiste in comparison to the 6% of respondents believe Leo Varadkar will remain as Taoiseach.

Meanwhile,43% of  those in Connacht and Ulster believe Mary Lou McDonald will be the next Taoiseach. 

Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil & the Green Party are the preferred option for 32% of all adults up from 23% in February, while 45% of respondents believe they will form the new coalition.