Will there be a White Christmas? Forecaster gives latest update

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Will there be snow at Christmas? Forecaster gives latest update

For those of you dreaming of a White Christmas, an Irish forecaster has given an update on the possibility this morning.

While warning that Christmas is still a good deal away in terms of forecasting and this is subject to change, Weather Alerts Ireland say that Santa looks to be bringing the cold weather with him from the North Pole. 

The forecaster says the ECMWF model is hinting at below average temperatures for Christmas Day with cold air forecast to push over Ireland on December 23 and stay put over Christmas.

At present, the forecast is for temperatures overnight Christmas Eve to be well below freezing.

Based on all the available data, Weather Alerts Ireland says there is only 'a very small chance' of snow on Christmas Day with the North of Ireland seeing the best chance. Scattered snow showers are looking likely for Christmas Eve and these could continue into Christmas Day the forecaster added.