WEATHER FORECAST: The weather is forecast to improve in Ireland this week

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


It looks as if the weather is finally set to pick up next week with temperatures set to reach up to 20 degrees with some good sunny spells.

That's according to local weather forecaster Cathal Nolan who said that the weather will be much more settled with temperatures near average in the coming days.

The Midland Weather Channel forecaster states that after a somewhat disappointing week for early June the coming week promises to bring something a little more a kin to a typical Irish summers week.

He states in his latest post on Facebook that temperatures have been stuck between 12 and 15 for most of the past seven days but are expected to rise to between 18-20 degrees this week.

"Monday and Tuesday look like being both settled days with light westerly breezes, some good sunny spells, and just a slight risk of a shower on Monday afternoon. Wednesday looks like being the most unsettled day of the working week with showers or perhaps longer spells of rain, especially across the south and east of the country.

"Fortunately it looks as though we will see a return to more settled conditions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with again some good sunny spells and just an outside chance of a light shower."